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Failures usually occur regularly and that is why today we explain how to fix MC Command Center not working in Sims 4.

What is Command Center in Sims 4?

  This is a mod that is usually available for this game, but on some occasions it can fail, that is, it stops working and this can become a real inconvenience, in this case we must focus on solving it, fortunately there is a solution, although it is true, this It can become a bit tedious, it is vital to apply it in order to continue playing normally.

How to fix MC Command Center not working in Sims 4?

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This problem usually occurs for various reasons, such is the case of some mods that may be generating conflicts with MCCC, or that the file is out of date, etc.

 It is necessary to take into account the solutions because this can be solved as a specific problem and there are different ways to solve it, sometimes we must make various modifications, in this case we must:

  •  Check The Sims 4 settings and make sure we have script mods enabled in Game Options.
  • Check for possible MCCC updates in case you have new mod files.
  • Check if there are other modifications in case the lagoon may be corrupt or outdated.
  • In case you are shown the Error Registered message, it is necessary to contact Discord.

 This is all we know about How to fix MC Command Center not working on Sims 4, so it is necessary to apply one of these fixes and that's it.

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