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When to join the resistance at Sims 4?

  As we progress in this game we get the possibility of joining the resistance, because sometimes it is necessary to side with the rebels to achieve some objectives, especially now it is more necessary since we are immersed in a trip in Batuu And here if we are clearly conditioned to choose a side where resistance is our best option, in this line of search that we are about to start.
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    How to join the resistance in the Sims 4?

     This is a task that will lead us to fulfill some missions, for this it is necessary to start by locating a member of the Resistance, and proceed to talk with him, for this it is necessary to ask the NPC about the resistance, because this first chala will offer us A code "Ignite the Spark" which we will use every time we talk to a member of the resistance in addition to having to use the same Sim to talk to them since both they and we will feel safe.

     Joining the resistance is part of the Order Missions and it is only necessary to get the character that is marked on the head, this leads us to move to the resistance camp, once we have managed to enter and talk it is time to start Our first mission, it is important to get as much confidence as possible from the resistance to work on their side and not get any kind of inconvenience that could affect us.

     Generally speaking, knowing how to join the resistance is a simple task as long as we follow the guidelines based on trust in The Sims 4.

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