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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-27 17:29:53

We have made for you a Second Extinction guide where we explain how to obtain research points

What are research points in Second Extinction?

It is necessary to remember that Research Points are usually a type of element necessary to make some improvements or simply to buy improvement tokens, especially since in this game we have some number of interesting weapons to which it is possible to make certain changes, So this leads us to consider the possibility of knowing how to obtain research points.

Second Extinction has allowed us to get involved in a very interesting space and knowing how to obtain research points leads us in the first instance to tell you that these are simply one of the most important currencies with which we can get here, being highly useful for the acquisition of improvements for our weapons, as well as some stability and handling of them.

How to get research points in Second Extinction?

Before starting our tour it is necessary that you know that if one of our colleagues falls we will lose some research points, there are not many but it is good that you consider every detail.


  •  Be careful with drones: This is a vitally important task and this is because we are immersed in some missions that can be dangerous enough for which the use of drones is important, however, it is necessary to be careful in such a way that this can become a double-edged sword, although it is true, we can use them to explode and allow us to find loot, it is necessary to trace a route as favorable as possible to access them in Second Extinction, and with it get Points of Research needed to achieve improvements, so we will only be careful when embarking on these types of activities.
  • Eliminate the greatest number of dinosaurs: this can become a complex task, sometimes it can be quite hard, especially because there are occasions when we find a hive, so that it is not possible to choose to destroy it immediately, in such In this sense, it is only necessary to let them come out in waves and thus choose to eliminate them since they offer us research points for us.
  • Complete optional objectives: There are some other objectives on these sides to which it is necessary to access and complete them because they have research points that are simply vital for us, feet this is about some missions in which there are secondary objectives and with it the possibility of kill some enemies to get points and experience.


Definitely knowing how to get research points allows us to get involved in an uphill battle in Second Extinction, so don't hesitate and give it a try, as it is the only way to achieve improvements.

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