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With our Second Extinction guide you will learn more about how to beat a T-Rex.

What to know about the T-Rex in Second Extinction?

It is the most difficult creature to defeat in the game, due to how deadly it will be, but of course with the right tools we may have the solution to how to beat a T-Rex, in this guide the details in this regard, so it is ideal that we put our attention on the following content.

How to beat a T-Rex in Second Extinction?

With the grenade launcher it is possible to easily defeat the T-Rex, the detail to keep in mind is that it is available to Amir, despite being the weapon with the best chances of success in the confrontation, the ammunition runs out very quickly, so that it is necessary to have enough before we meet this one, but it is good to know that in the surroundings of the meeting there are ammunition for this weapon, also the improvements that we make can help us, in terms of the impact detonator and the trigger of hair, being part of the improvements that we can make in the game allows us to explode the grenades at the precise impact and more quickly they will come out when they are fired, the charges that we can use are the following:

  • The cluster grenade: when it is detonated it will be spreading micro explosives that will also detonate in a short time
  • The air attack: it is about the ground bombardment when designating a certain area
  • The health stimulant: this helps us restore our health over time

It is important to note that Amir brings with him an orbital reader with which we can cause considerable damage to the T-Rex, detecting in turn with the scan the enemies that are very close to this place to prevent us, just by using the grenade launcher and dodging the attacks of this T-Rex will be enough to defeat him.

Thus we finalize our guide on how to beat a T-Rex, hoping that you can get the best out of Second Extinction, a very busy game.

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