Angel Marquez
2022-05-13 07:45:12

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Salt and Sacrifice is a very busy game and today it leads us to find out where to find the beloved idol.

What to know about the beloved idol in Salt and Sacrifice?

  It is an element that gives us important passive advantages when equipping it, while we face magicians it is where we will get the best of its capabilities offered in the advantages, to have an idea of where to find the beloved idol let's see what the indications of the content bring us Next.

Where to find the beloved idol in Salt and Sacrifice?

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Equipping it does not require the use of an equipment slot, being found even early in the game, right in the same place where the grappling hook is obtained, if we do not have the latter we highlight its location by the Ashbourne Village spawn point by the west, here at this point is the Root-ceil cavern, going down this we will arrive with an exit on our right, placing us in Greymoss Mire, here are Uryks, Collar de Orejas, we must defeat him to be able to continue, then we will continue to the east By defeating it until we find one, it enters another cavern, we will go down to a meeting point with a corpse with the grappling hook, using this we can reach some platforms, on the left there is a chest that contains the beloved idol.

  This is all there is to know about where to find the beloved idol, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it in Salt and Sacrifice.