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Did you know that resurrecting is one of the interesting activities that we are presented with in Sakura Wars? Well, here we are going to explain how to revive

Why revive at Sakura Wars?

Normally resurrection is not available in all games but specifically in this one if it is available and we can not leave it aside, simply because some missions may be complex to overcome and it is possible to be killed, but we should not worry because there is the possibility of revive after taking some considerable amount of damage.
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How to revive in Sakura Wars?

To revive there is no combination of buttons in particular, it is only enough to wait for a specific period of time after having fallen in combat, it is only enough to wait some time, it is also an extremely short time, since they are only between 45 seconds to one minute per minute. every combat mission, after this time our character is ready again for action.

Reviving a character can be presented to us as an advantage but it also has its disadvantages, it is ideal to wait for our companions to revive us, but only if we are somewhere where there are no enemies, because if there are they are impossible and the only thing that will be will be waves that they will be continually worrying about getting as many attacks as possible.

A relevant and simply disadvantageous aspect here is that when we revive we will simply have a negative score by the end of the mission, since normally obtaining favorable points implies not dying, so although reviving is an option present in this game and you know how to execute it, it is better try not to die, as this allows us to get bonuses and ranks.

 In conclusion, knowing how to revive is important and has its advantage, but it is more advisable not to die, since with it we can get the points and bonuses in Sakura Wars.

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