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Predator Hunting Grounds: How to play with the Predator - Tips and tricks

2020-04-28 11:14:39

You want to know how to play with the Predator in Predator Hunting Grounds, excellent you are in the right place, here we have covered everything you need.

What should we know about playing with the Predator in Predator Hunting Grounds?

 To hunt with the Predator is not something that is so easy to do, looking to hunt 4 soldiers has to be fast enough, the balance that has been presented in this game concentrates on the outstanding additions to the alien arsenal found in the instant of play, if we want to understand how to play with the Predator, it is necessary to consider many factors, which will be in this content of this guide, we just have to see what are the steps to follow below.

How to play with the Predator in Predator Hunting Grounds?

 Our goal is to prevent the 4 soldiers from reaching their objectives before the end of time, so we have to kill them, which becomes somewhat complicated if we do not have a basis on what we will have to do, for more reason knowing how to play. With the Predator it becomes more and more important, the main thing to consider is that we have to choose our battles, if we play it crazy, shooting, stabbing and mutilating each time we will be defeated, for this reason we have to take advantage of the best moment of attack, the one that allows us to escape safely, which means that we place ourselves in the trees, observe the soldiers, be vigilant that they separate, even from the enemy AI doing damage, when there is any concern about their objectives is when we have to take advantage to attack, going in and out quickly, causing some damage and he will return to the jungle that will be our advantage in Predator Hunting Grounds.

Next we will have a series of tips to follow regarding How to play with the Predator and these are the following:

  • Feeding wildlife: Throughout the jungle we can find many wild boars to kill, which serves as a quick and silent healing method, so it will be ideal for us to marry these animals in Predator Hunting Grounds.
  • Alert with the crosshair: the sight of our laser can be a disadvantage, since we can reveal our position to our enemies, the shots that we are going to make have to be at the moment of greater security to succeed, then turn it off.
  • Eliminate the laggards: of something that we have to be alert looking for How to play with the Predator, is one of those players who separate from their team to go solo, certainly there is much to think about this action, becoming one of them that is offering bait, to then place the rest of your team in an advantageous position, so eliminating it is our goal.
  • Isolate the targets: with the infrared scanner that is on the bottom of the pads it is possible to track the targets, then you have to keep it to the right of the pad, noting that it opens a red circle with which we will know the direction of the fire team in general, thus managing to follow them in Predator Hunting Grounds.
  • The extraction: reaching the point that we cannot get the fire team out and that they have called for the extraction, we will have to do everything to prevent them from escaping, so we will attack with everything we have, before time runs out and manage to escape from us.
  • Leveling up: it is ideal that we play as soldiers to increase our level first, the reason for this is that we will have the unlock of the Predator team at level 12 at approximately Predator Hunting Grounds, which will allow our possibilities to be greater, in the loading menu it is possible to assign this new equipment.
  • Slam Attack: Among the many tips on how to play with the Predator, with great power, it is ideal that we carry out an attack on a squad that is close to us, from a tree we will use the hit attack, with the jump button we will jump, going down we can grab with the R2, thus having a load of a strong blow at the time of our landing, after we do it we have to escape.
  • The time: the exhaustion of time may be our best way to reach victory, so it is necessary that we attack the players so that they come after us to the jungle, which will end up moving away from their respective objectives, taking into account that for many rounds played we can have an idea of ​​the location of the objectives, this being the case we can protect them, ending the enemies can be vital so that our intention to gain time is achieved, because they will have the fire team go to revive dead comrades, which will make them waste time.
  • The Map: one of the most important strategic points in knowing how to play with the Predator, is the knowledge of the map, although the maps that we have to access in this state in Predator Hunting Grounds are few, it will do some good, which consists of the easy study of each one, having 3 or 4 camping areas for each one, knowing the locations it is easier to go through our dam.
  • Use the trees with caution: certainly with the trees our movements will be easier, but we do not have to be so sure of them, since our enemies have the ability to watch over the trees, making it possible to stalk them from the ground.
  • Heal ourselves hidden: becoming wounded, it is recommended that we escape and heal ourselves, this places us in a situation where we will spend 30 seconds without being able to make any movement, escaping we will leave a path full of blood, so we must hide if we want to heal ourselves calmly, when we are healing we will come to make a very loud scream, which for our enemies will be ideal to find us, this happens halfway through the healing process in Predator Hunting Grounds.
  • Enemy AI: Among the different tips related to How to play with the Predator we have that a great advantage can be using the AI ​​of our enemies, with a laser burst we can get our enemy to focus, with AI soldiers we can attack the enemy. unison, thus having a greater number of targets to shoot for our enemies.

 In conclusion, knowing how to play with the Predator is excellent, since it will allow us to advance in this interesting and lively game like Predator Hunting Grounds.

PlayStation 4 PS4, Microsoft Windows PC
First-person shooter
IllFonic, 20th Century Fox
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Unreal Engine
Release date:
24 April 2020
age rating:

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