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2021-01-07 22:23:51

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Dude this is all you need to know about getting more Cloth in Rust so pay attention.

What is the cloth in Rust for?

This element is more than useful especially considering that being a survival video game and you will have to cover your nudity. So here we will tell you how to get more fabric.
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How to get more Cloth in Rust?

There are two plants with which you can obtain cloth when harvesting it, Cactus and Hemp.

However, you should be aware that these two plants cannot grow together, in this case, cacti can be found in the desert biome while hemp can be found in the wooded biome.

Harvesting these plants will allow you to obtain between five and ten fabrics, depending on the size and age of the harvested plant. We recommend harvesting them with a stone ax to kill the animal and then using the bone you get from killing the animal to make a bone knife and use it to carve the fabric from the corpse.

Harvesting will allow you to obtain hemp seeds, with which you can grow new plants by making a shelter to prevent it from being destroyed by another player.

 Thus ends this guide on how to get more Cloth in Rust, we hope you can get the most out of fabrics in this survival video game now that you know how to get them.

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