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Find out how to obtain and use all CCTV camera codes in this excellent and explanatory Rust guide.

What to know about CCTV camera codes in Rust?

It is something necessary to be able to use these cameras to have a visual of what is happening in the areas of the map, to have a better strategy and identify those who walk through these areas, thus achieving better defenses and protection than what make our enemies, we must have a computer in our base and have the necessary codes, for this we have in this guide some answers on How to obtain and use all CCTV camera codes, we just have to follow the following content.

How to get and use all CCTV camera codes in Rust?

The computer: it is necessary that we have a computer station in our base, which will allow us to solve how to obtain and use all the CCTV camera codes, for this we will look for a targeting computer prior to the creation of said station, these cannot be craft and we can place them in loot boxes, airdrops and in those places where helicopters have crashed, as soon as we get the computer, the next thing in Rust is to locate a mineral that is of high metallic quality x5, for this the mining quarry we have What to use, taking into account the reduced possibilities we have for it, after we achieve both, we must go for a radio frequency emitter and a receiver, for this we are going to investigate in the computer station considering a cost of 75 remains, now starting from the objects and having level 2 of the workbench, we can proceed to the creation of the computer station, considering that it is possible We obtain the stations through the purchase in the outposts for 300 scraps, only that having what is necessary we better opt for their manufacture.
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    The computer station: Once we have the computer station in Rust, it requires an identification, which will lead us to the creation of an ID with the use of the right mouse button, this will turn out to be the password, being then ideal that we have it noted, it is also necessary that we have a source of energy such as a solar panel, a generator or a wind turbine, we can certainly find them in military boxes, apart from this, a wire tool, divider, cameras are required in turn CCTV and a switch, since everything is assembled with the station, we will be able to solve how to obtain and use all the CCTV camera codes, now when the identification is entered we can access the configured cameras, thus establishing the entire security system of the community, each of these requires the introduction of codes, in turn there is sound in the cameras thus achieving greater effectiveness.

    The cameras and codes: from the computer station it is possible to access the set of CCTV cameras that are in the monuments, managing to have many angles and visual points, achieving with this in Rust a great advantage when making any trip to these areas, which have the best loot, but also with a lot of traffic, if we enter blindly it can be very dangerous, there is the importance of knowing how to obtain and use all the CCTV camera codes, it is appropriate then to see the monuments and their respective codes below.

    • Dome: DOMETOP and DOME1
    • Bandit Camp: TOWNWEAPONS and CASINO
    • Aerodrome: AIRFIELDGARAGE

    The installation of the cameras:
    through the loot boxes it is necessary that we obtain many cameras, this to later install it in our security system, something that will be easy once we have them, on the walls of the base, inside or outside we can place them, once we do, we have to connect them with a power supply, for this it requires 5 volts for each camera, it must be taken into account that these are fixed, you have to do it the orientation corresponding to the direction that we want to visualize, with the help of a hammer it is possible to do it, then we only have to make the link of these cameras with the ID of the computer station, then knowing how to obtain and use all the CCTV camera codes At this point, it only remains to place the number of cameras we want on the base in Rust and access from now on will be through the ID linked to the computer station.

    In conclusion, knowing how to obtain and use all the CCTV camera codes is excellent, because we can advance further in this interesting and moving game as Rust has been.

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