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Rune Factory 4: How to get married

2020-02-26 13:09:52

The events in Rune Factory 4 can be quite interesting come with me to discover How to get married in this excellent game.

It really sounds interesting to have some idea of ​​How to get married, because marriage does not only occur in real life, in many other places and platforms it can be carried out only because on these sides it is a bit frustrating because it is necessary to have to deal with RNG to to be able to get married and have a family, `based on a series of fundamental requirements to achieve it in Rune Factory 4

How to get married in Rune Factory 4?

It is important to be clear that it is necessary to meet some necessary prerequisites because knowing how to get married here should be learned after learning some interesting details starting from having with you a checklist necessary to not have to go back even if you have a fairly high LP with your partner In Rune Factory 4 you must go through these necessary tests.

What are the requirements to marry in Rune Factory 4?

To know how to get married in this game it is necessary to complete these prerequisites, the sub-events being the most complicated even when the main attraction center is to be dating someone.

In the case of men, it is necessary to have an engagement ring for this, it is necessary to make use of the craft table based on the recipe that comes from the Accessory Bread.

  • Have at least 3 dates with the person you want to marry at Rune Factory 4.
  • Complete all relationship sub-events.
  • Be in a relationship with the person you want to marry.
  • Have at least one double bed which can be purchased by using the princes points and can be purchased in the stores.
  • Have the person you are dating at least a level of LP 10 or above.

Some relevant details between men or women when marrying at Rune Factory 4.

The ideal here is to know How to get married to make this event as important as possible.


If you are playing like a gentleman the work here is a little stronger, because you will have to have an engagement ring which you will give to your girlfriend so that they can get married, for that it is necessary to make it and the recipe of Accessory Bread is fundamental, because if you don't have it you will have to go to Porcoline and swallow the correct bread to obtain it, so that you make the ring and if for some reason she doesn't respond in a positive way when you give her the ring it means that you have not fulfilled some of the requirements previously mentioned.


If you are playing as a woman the task is much simpler 'cause you don't need to make any ring because it will be your boyfriend who will propose to you and you don't need to have any of the above mentioned requirements only that it will be necessary to trigger some ideal event to get married in Rune Factory 4.

How to trigger a marriage event in Rune Factory 4?

The good thing about this whole How to get Married theme is that the events are usually available nowadays which allows you to be a little more flexible as long as we match the right events, because every person you can date in this game usually has one or more events with them which is necessary to see the events well in order to trigger them being the marriage a happy ending.

What are the required events for the potential couple to get married in Rune Factory 4?

Single men events.:
  • Arthur.
Don't forget your physique

Lens mania
  • Doug.
Doug's secret

Brilliant memories
  • Dylas.
Smile practice
  • Kiel.
The knight's steed
A part-time job!
  • Leon.
A day in the life of Leon
  • Vishnal.
Don't fall into the trap, Vishnal!
Single women's events:
  • Amber.
Introducing Amber Watson
  • Chlorica.
Get it!
  • Dolce.
The sign of the race...
  • Forte.
The knight's steed
  • Margaret.
A performance without an audience

A favor returned

A pig and an elf

Thoughts lost in the lake
  • Xiao Pai
Oh no, it's contagious.

A Cooper windfall

Marriage events for men and women:

  • Arthur
Transitional Vision (Marriage Event)
  • Doug
A very special ring (wedding event)
  • Dylas
For the clumsy you (Marriage Event)
  • Kiel
The Red Knight (Marriage Event)
  • Leon
A Letter from the Past (Marriage Event)
  • Vishnal
Your response (Marriage Event)
  • Amber
Gratitude (Marriage Event)
  • Clorica
An Ephemeral Wish (Marriage Event)
  • Dolce
Language of Flowers (Marriage Event)
  • Forte
Where the heart is (Marriage Event)
  • Margaret
Be here (Marriage Event)
  • Xiao Pai
He's never going to give up! (Marriage Event)

The current events are usually happening and are visible in Selphia if you can not see it then it is because it is simply not happening and it is something normal that can happen, since normally the events occur at random but not everything can be bad because there is option of being able to trigger an event of those mentioned, because knowing how to get married is not as simple as the word says.

Your partner can be an excellent option to trigger these events, because it only allows me to follow you, fall asleep and wake you up as well as take care of your farm and go back to sleep again in order to get those events. Another possibility may occur when you are told that you should leave the party which allows random events to be triggered so that you have at least enough time to try, we will have at least one week, this being a fairly complete time, so that keeping the gift of patience for us is simply important. It is good to know that these events can never occur on the days when you have an appointment with your partner, if that option went through your mind unfortunately it is not feasible.

Finally you know how to get married, because it will only depend on the events and requirements that are necessary to meet it to reach this important goal in Rune Factory 4.

Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch
Role-playing game
JP: Marvelous AQL

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