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Rune Factory 4: How to date - Tips and tricks

2020-02-26 12:49:26

We invite you to discover How to have an appointment, an important task in Rune Factory 4 which we will cover in detail.

  In Rune Factory 4 we will find that getting out and getting married is a bit of a tedious task, because we have to go through many difficult things, spending time and working hard, there are random situations in the game that will be few to understand, reaching reproduction can be one of these, since to marry will be important, the system of relationships in the game, in short everything to reach the end of the moment of greatest importance and objective that is presented to us throughout this task, but before reaching That point, the key in discussion of this guide is How to have an appointment, let's see what brings us the content that we will have from now on.

What should we know before having an appointment at Rune Factory 4?


 Looking for the answers of How to have an appointment we have to highlight some important details, is that there are 6 singles and 6 singles, the relationships cannot be between the same sex, which means that the gender will be as we choose, in a few words we can go out and marry those characters that are linked to its gender.


 What are the possible gender relations in Rune Factory 4?


 Before knowing how to have an appointment, let's look at the possible relationships according to gender:




  • Xiao Pai
  • Margaret
  • Forte
  • Dolce (must first save from Obsidian Mansion)
  • Chloric
  • Amber (must first save from Yokmir forest)



  • Vishnal
  • Leon (must save Leon Karnak first)
  • Kiel
  • Dylas (must save from the water ruins first)
  • Doug
  • Arthur


 What should we do to have a relationship in Rune Factory 4?


 Before entering a relationship we must have a minimum level of love points at 7, for this we have to do the creation of an LP when speaking, delivering appropriate gifts daily, you can increase the level of LP, to know what level you have we can do it in the section of relationships that is in the start menu, to reach level 7 it will take time, so much so that it is possible that we take at least 2 to 3 seasons to reach that level, even though the boyfriend or girlfriend reaches that level, does not mean that it will be a guarantee that we can even have some way out, when trying to have an appointment we must consider that when we achieve this we must deal with an RNG when dating anyone.


 How to have an appointment in Rune Factory 4?


 We can say that it is easy to get an appointment, for this, when talking with the possible boyfriends or girlfriends we only have to press the L or R so that we have the BTW menu active, then once the conversation ends we will be presented with different options, so that we have an appointment our option to choose will be I love you in this menu, in addition, we will have the option of saying that I really love you or just kidding, in case our choice is I really love you and the person is at the level of LP 7 or above this, it is possible that our confession will be accepted and so we would have the first step for a relationship that comes being knowing how to have an appointment.

What to do in the case of a rejection in Rune Factory 4?


 The rejections can be many, this usually happens because the person does not take it seriously, even if it is at level 7 of LP or more above the minimum, the chances that there is a person if they are low , the detail that is harmful is that the RNG in terms of acceptance of love, will change every day, so it will not be possible to ask how many times we want and no spam in a few words, which we can highlight despite This is that the LP level will not be affected, it will not decrease and it will simply look like a joke.


 The only thing we can do so that we have better chances of success, is that our LP level increase it to the highest we can, in fact when getting the 7th level is not enough, we must give support to the person, with a lot of work though, not being out with her we just have to increase the LP and try her luck on a daily basis, so at some point she will end up accepting, how to have an appointment is complicated but let's not stop trying.


Can you have appointments with different people in Rune Factory 4?


 According to gender we have 6 possibilities for each one, the only thing is that the time to be with all the options is extreme, but it is not impossible, the most important fact for this is that we are not married, in addition, as a result of being In so many relationships it is that the LP will increase slowly, which is that when we get married we must go through a lot of time of dedication, much more than to date someone, the appropriate events are those that will lead us to these situations of importance in the game.

 This way we reach the end of this Rune Factory 4 guide, knowing how to have an appointment and enjoy this knowledge to the fullest.

Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch
Role-playing game
JP: Marvelous AQL

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