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With our Rogue Legacy 2 guide you will learn more about How to get more gold.

What to know about gold in Rogue Legacy 2?

In order to make those necessary improvements it is required to understand how to obtain more gold, among such improvements the greatest focus is on the statistics that our character has, having the appropriate weapons and armor is very necessary for progress in the game, if we want understand more clearly let's follow the following content closely.
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How to get more gold in Rogue Legacy 2?

The key to get more gold will be seen with the naked eye in the offspring, if we focus on the problematic traits we will accumulate a large amount of this important resource, the traits have a lot of influence on the game, certainly when the next stage of life begins. certain utilities or improvements in skills are transferred to the descendants but in some cases these can harm the character, the problematic traits become the correct one to obtain the precious gold despite everything that can influence, it is a sacrifice to follow, The more bad the trait becomes, the greater the gold earnings will be within our reach, this problematic trait will lead us to get additionally for each piece that we obtain 50 percent.

Also considering that we can get the most out of everything that gold can generate, such as breaking objects such as sticks, candles and boxes, even when killing enemies, so attacking everything can give us more gold and we have to get the maximum of this option, what we will do then is not to miss any opportunity, always being vigilant is important, so we will get to improve our lineage over time.

 In conclusion, knowing how to get more gold is interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Rogue Legacy 2.

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