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Bosses are an important part of all games and Battletoads did not have to be different, so today we are going to tell you how to beat Porkshank

What is Battletoads about?

  This is a game of toads, although it is true there have already been some previous installments, it is good to mention that there are some interesting changes, since we are facing the opportunity to fight together with a considerable number of players, this simply allows us to access some bosses that we get as we progress, specifically today we will talk about Porkshank, this is a boss, specifically the first one we meet and with whom it is necessary to fight.
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    How to beat Porkshank in Battletoads?

     Porkshank is the first boss with which we get, it can be somewhat complex because we are just starting the game, however, we will need to concentrate to be successful, this means that it is necessary to be attentive to the mobs that this can summon, on the other hand On the other hand, be attentive to the signals that it can emit, and this is because it usually swings at least 4 times with an exclamation point, this means that it will be ready to attack, then we will prepare for its movements considering that it will be necessary to evade them, because not doing so will take away our health.

     Dodging can be something that tires us and therefore ends up spending some health, replenishing them will be vital and for this it is necessary to consume some flies, they are necessary to heal us, then when we see that we have restored our health to a little more than half , we continue fighting against the mobs, in this place the boss will be, only at this point he is usually a little faster, and he will try to throw us some loads that he carries on his shoulder, it is necessary to evade them, luckily it is not complicated, this will that he places his fist on the ground and when he avoids it, he will stagger, a certain moment to hit him until the boss runs once more, this opens the way to the last part of the battle, where this boss is divided into 2 different versions, the first is the pink version which is the same one that performs the previous attacks, the second is the purple version, of which it is necessary to evade and strike a few hits to stun him and finally defeat him.

     Generally speaking, knowing how to beat Porkshank is simply not a difficult task but it does require some agility to dodge, so it can actually be useful if you take a look at our Battletoads guide.

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