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Fortnite: How to find Fireflies in Weepings Woods

2020-08-21 08:11:37

Guide to learn how to find fireflies in weeping Woods in Fortnite

  With week 10 of the third season in Fortnite, they have advanced a lot in the missions and the players are at full speed to complete the remaining ones. Among the challenges they have to complete is where they must find fireflies in weeping Woods  and the truth is that not all players know how to achieve it, but don't worry! that we with this guide will help you complete it.

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    How to find fireflies in weeping Woods in Fortnite?

    Weeping Forest Fireflies can be found in Weeping Woods. This place is very easy to find, but fireflies can be a different story.

    These will appear randomly near trees and campfires, so at least Weeping Woods is well stocked with both. In Weeping Woods you have to place regular locations where fireflies might appear, but only one really stands out.

    There is one spot where up to six fireflies will appear quite regularly, so it may be worth leaving them there to see if they appear in your game. Still not entirely safe as this is random.

    To find fireflies, keep an eye out for green points of light shining around trees or a campfire, and bright orange lights as you approach them. You can interact with fireflies to catch them out of the air and make a firefly jar.

     Now that you know how to find fireflies in weeping Woods in Fortnite, you will have to insist a lot on this area if you cannot complete it the first time due to how irregular these fireflies can be. Luck!

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