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Today we make a Rocket Arena guide for you, because the reason is to explain what are Every maps available, let's see.

What is Rocket Arena about?

Before moving on to our objective on Every maps available, it is necessary to know that this game will soon see the light and allow us to enjoy a shooting game, since everything looks extremely striking, it will be available for various platforms, since at the beginning it will show us a total of 10 maps that will simply need to be discovered, as the other activities are developed little by little throughout its content, since in this game rockets are an essential and attractive element.

What are Every maps available in Rocket Arena?


 It is very likely that as we progress, developers can incorporate additional maps, but from the beginning it will only be possible to start with a total of 10, a fairly good number since these have areas that can allow us to have some type of advantage when battle develops.


  •  Frostwind Grove: This map presents us with secret passageways that can be used to overcome enemies and thereby win basketball and mega basketball games, it is actually a structure that can serve to surprise our opponents by starting from an unexpected attack, because we have a central structure that can serve us in Rocket Arena to prevent the fire from entering because this establishment has been built around a tree.
  • Apogee Acres: Knowing Every maps available allows us to have the possibility of getting some way to use the game windows to exit, specifically Apogee Acres has a considerable amount that we can simply open and close with our rockets, since it is nothing more and nothing less than the city where Jayto the hero of Rocket Arena was born.
  • Hypersonic Heights: It is necessary to consider that we can have some interesting elements and these can serve as an advantage during a combat, in addition to keeping an eye on UFOs since they usually keep flying on some occasions, because with these elements it is possible that we can make our way Heading towards the opponents to eliminate them, this place is somewhat semi-closed and features a large statue in the center.
  • The Golden Zephir: It is necessary to keep in mind that giving a false move can simply lead us to a self-imposed death, because obviously knowing what Every maps available are available allows us to mobilize with some caution, because here we have the possibility of choosing by some totally practical places far from the overload, because even though this ship may be surrounded by other smaller ones, it has the capacity to cause a lot of damage in relation to the rockets.
  • Megadon Junction: Retrieving the senses in Rocket Arena is simply essential, since the idea is to listen to our horn and duck when we need some time, since it is necessary that the enemies consider not entering our way since this map has a train that passes exactly through the heart of the level and this can allow them to fly off as this space is inspired by a desert.
  • Icefall Keep: Here it is possible to get on the one hand to make our way on the map in order to get a record, jump to safety when we consider that we are running low on health or simply make our enemies fall from the highest, Well this is an interesting reason to know which are Every maps available, because this map particularly has a considerable amount of jumping platforms which can be used in our favor, since it is nothing more than an icy map that we can get in Rocket Arena.
  • Star of Crater: This map is undoubtedly an excellent option since it can be used as a refuge to dodge the approaching rockets and with this, managing to fire our arsenal, since we are immersed in a rocky map with holes that has a crystal large in the nucleus and is located in the Crystal Reef.
  • Shimmering Depths: This map has some vertical elevation spaces that allow us to be able to perform jumps between them, and thus get the possibility of taking air to opt for an opposite fall, since this is nothing more than a somewhat rare underwater map that has Rocket Arena and is usually rocket powered.
  • Temples of Jaaqua: There is the possibility of having a map where enemies can simply fall into secret traps, because even we must be careful and avoid them at all costs, it will also be necessary to avoid any other danger that may be hidden in the foliage and This is because this map is in the jungle and with too many latent dangers placing it as a perfect space for Knockout mode.
  • Stompy`s Refuge: Definitely knowing Every maps available allows us to start off on the right foot, as this particularly works perfect for the modes where treasure hunting is present, here simply the Knockout mode is not viable because it will be extremely difficult to defeat others Players, because we have many spaces to avoid the fire of our enemy, obviously this refuge is an excellent place to hide.

 This is all we know about which are Every maps available where we will quickly operate in Rocket Arena.

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