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We invite you to discover How to unlock the secret ending, a new task in Returnal.

What to know about the secret ending in Returnal?

To achieve this, it is necessary that we have completely overcome acts 1 and 2, then we have to start act 3, in which it is necessary that we find 6 fragments of the sun's face to access the secret ending, now to help us with more precise details that allow to solve How to unlock the secret ending will be presented in this guide, we just have to follow it carefully from now on, let's do it.
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    How to unlock the secret ending in Returnal?

    Taking into account the need to find Sunface Fragments, we have to focus on 3 for each Act 1 and 2, for each biome, so as for How to unlock the secret ending in Returnal let's see the locations of the fragments below:


    •  In act 1: we have that the 3 fragments are comprised of the ruins of the undergrowth in a room with a large hole, it is necessary to shoot the ores when we have the delphic viewer of the abyssal scar that will allow us to cross through the hollow, the one with the crimson moors, we are going to find it at the top of a tower in the open desert, the delphic viewer is also necessary and for the one of the abandoned citadel we are going to find it near a bridge under a body of water. .
    • In act 2: we have the fragments of the resonant ruins that we find in a room with red exudate, specifically we have it in a base circulates in the side entrance, for the fragment of the fractured moors it is in a salt with a turret in the center and for the one with the nether scar within a multiplatform.


     When we obtain all the fragments, we have to complete the completion in our inventory, in the permanent equipment part we can check the fragments, when we are out, what is necessary is to complete the house sequences, being necessary to restart said sequences for act 1 and 2, whereas Sunface Fragments are permanent, allowing for death.


     We have that the ruins of the weed and the echo is related to its location with the house, for this we will first complete the sequences of act 1 to get to act 2, then we will go directly to the house of Echoing Ruins after being locked in that of Overgrown Ruins, we are going to follow the sequences of the house of Echoing Ruins until we reach the throne to finish, that is when we receive the car keys, we will take them to Sedan, we must kill the final boss to reach the abyssal scar , we must look for the exit of Echoing Ruins that we have on the left jumping into the water to reach the last biome, we have to kill Ophion again, we will go through the gap to reach Sedan following the headlights, with the use of the keys of the car is presented a scene at the end it is about the secret ending.

     We can conclude that knowing how to unlock the secret ending is easier than we thought once we know these indications, we just have to apply them and achieve it in Returnal.

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