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Angel Marquez
2021-01-26 14:31:45

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This time we return with a guide from the recent Resident Evil Village demo, where we are going to guide you on How to escape from the castle.

What to know about Resident Evil Village?

The demo of this game is available on the PS5, where completing it requires knowing how to escape the castle, being the next in the franchise it is appropriate to have an idea of what awaits us prior to the full launch, now at this point in the progress of the demo let's see the details below.
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How to escape from the castle in Resident Evil Village?

When we are in the castle, the beginning is in a room decorated with a necklace that is on the table that we are going to collect, then we go to the right and turn to the right again to find a partially open door, when we enter we leave turn right to get to a higher floor, we have to go to the end of the corridor to turn left, now on the right there is a door with a face, we will notice that it is missing an eye to the face, we go down the stairs and in the First room we will get a list of candidates on a table, there are also traces of blood around it, which will lead us to other doors, we find a very dark dining room where there is a glass to pick up, inside there is a garnet eye ring When we examine it, the ring is broken and here is the eye, what we will do is go to the corresponding door that we saw before.

Once we put the eye on the door we enter a room, here we must examine the cabinets that are on the right, obtaining the key to the patio, then we return to the dining room, seeing that a ghost figure appears before us, which we must avoid and get to the door, then we get to the door where we will use the key to access another part.

 This is all there is to know about How to Escape the Castle, now we can move on with this Resident Evil Village demo.

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