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Angel Marquez
2020-08-06 17:59:19

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We welcome you to our Red Dead Online guide where we will talk about where to find the legendary Emerald Wolf.

What to know about the legendary emerald wolf in Red Dead Online?

It is a great challenge to hunt this legendary wolf, we have to consider the significant amount of health it possesses, it is capable of killing us with just a couple of attacks, its killing intent is strong, which is why it is considered one of the most dangerous of the whole game, in the southern forests he is on the lookout, when it comes to our shots we must consider that this takes a winding and zigzagging path to make it very difficult for us to aim, it is very fast, in general lines we will spend a lot of work to kill him, Perhaps stealth can be our best weapon to ambush him, now taking into account mentioned details let us now see where to find the legendary emerald wolf in this guide, let's pay due attention.
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Where to find the legendary emerald wolf in Red Dead Online?

In the Grizzilies to the east, northwest of O'Creagh's Run and south of the hypothetical "O" in Ambarino is the location of this legendary monster, meaning north of the emerald ranch, in this place no climatic factor will influence, it is important highlighting the benefit that studying this creature can bring us, more than Gus does nothing with his skin, so sedating him requires 10 rounds of ammunition and taking the samples to sell them to Harriet is our only possibility in this case, for an additional XP it is good that we take some photos.

  It is evident that knowing where to find the legendary emerald wolf allows us to progress while having fun in Red Dead Online.

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