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Knowing how to get all legendary animals is simply a necessary task in Red Dead Online and we explain it here.

What are the legendary animals in Red Dead Online?

These are nothing more than creatures that are usually obtained and hunted only once, some usually appear based on Harren Davenport missions, others are simply random offspring which is interesting because they are not usually associated with missions, which further opens the expectation to know how to get all legendary animals, counting that there is the option that they can spawn as a random encounter, which is quite rare or at least something out of the conventional about what we know about any animal husbandry.

Legendary animal pups are usually very attractive to many players in Red Dead Online, especially since many are struggling to reach level 15 as it means increasing the animal's Ability of Attraction, but we have hardly seen any even when we reached this level which simply puts us on edge and makes us focus on knowing how to get all the legendary animals, because we can simply see them in 4 specific categories, each having a total of 10 animals, these categories are:

  • Dark.
  • Clear.
  • Red.
  • Blond.

How to get all legendary animals in Red Dead Online?

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It is important to consider that there are certain legendary animals of Red Dead Online they are simply exclusive to PS4, some animals specifically require verifying these locations where they are, on the other hand it is necessary to understand that the young usually appear randomly, because even when we travel throughout a certain area on the map there is no guarantee of getting any young, this considering that it is vital to reach rank 5, because at this point we get Harret to give us a map that we can access and with any luck knowing how to get all legendary animals already that we have the opportunity to get some pheromones that can only be used when an animal has already spawned, as they help us find it, of course these usually have a rather abnormal price.

What are all legendary animals and where to get them in Red Dead Online?


Cogi Boar: This legendary animal is obtained in the blue swamp.
The Puma Iguga: we can get it south of Blackwater or southeast of the Great Plains.
Moon Beaver: Obtained in the Elysian Pool.
Winyan Bison: This animal is found in Lake Isabella.
Inahme Elk - We can achieve this when we complete the mission in the Spider Gorge.
Moonstone Wolf - This one we can get north of Cumberland Forest is only available on PS4.
Gabbro Horn Ram: This animal is located in the Rio Bravo and we can only get it on PS4.


Cross Fox: We can get it relatively close to Saint Dennis and it's mission based.
Marble Fox: We can find it between Mojon Lake and knife.
Zorro de Ota: this animal is located to the west of the roads that are next to the lake.
Icahi Wild Boar: We can get it between Thieves Landing and MacFarland Ranch, as it is based on a mission.
Maza Puma - This is located southwest of the map on a corner specifically in New Austin.
Chalk Horn Ram: This animal is found in the Calumet Ravine and is only available on PS4.


Night Beaver: We can get it in Brandywine Drop since it is based on a mission.
Onyx Wolf: This animal is located between the Wapiti reserve and Cortorra Spings.
Tatanka Bison: This animal is found in the Overflow of the Heart.
Moose Katata: This animal is obtained in the Cumberland Forest.
Alligator Teak: this animal or we find in the Lannahechee River.
Sapa Puma: We can get it in the Rio Bravo and it is based on a mission.
Horn Horn: We can get it in North Cholla Springs, it is mission based and only available for PS4.

Reds and Blondes.

Ozula Elk: This is obtained at Cholla Spings.
Beaver Zizi: This one is located in Owanjilla.
Emerald Wolf: We can get this animal in the O'creagh Race or around the Moonstone Pond.
Jabali Wakpa: we can get it in the Arroyo de las Aguas Calm.
Cayman of the Sun: This legendary animal is located east of Lagras.

Now that you know how to get all legendary animals it's time to start your search in Red Dead Online, it will be a good time to get phenomenal creatures.

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