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Angel Marquez
2020-07-09 14:54:34

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We are back with a PUBG Mobile guide aiming to explain you about the new official 2020 redemption codes.

 In PUBG Mobile it is necessary that we find weapons that will help us in the confrontations with our enemies, taking into account the participation of even 100 players it can be a challenge to stay alive, they are aspects that in some way have penetrated with good appeal in terms of gameplay , the missions and events that are presented, we must take into account the existence of new official exchange codes 2020, let's see in this guide what this is about and how it can benefit us, let's pay the necessary attention from now on.


What to know about the new official exchange codes 2020 in PUBG Mobile?


 Many of the objects can be obtained by making the necessary purchases, but there are many in which it will not be necessary to spend our money, among them can be the skins of weapons, vehicles, suits, cosmetics, raise the level quickly and much more, it is simply possible with an exchange of codes, which will make it possible to get without spending, the codes in opportunities are released in the same events and for this we will see what are the new official exchange codes 2020, keep reading and discover the precise details.
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What are the new official 2020 redemption codes at PUBG Mobile?


 Specific codes to redeem limited


  •  For UMP 45 Skin we use: PGHZDBTFZM24U
  • For a new legendary suit we use: 5FG10D33
  • For a new legendary suit we use: RNUZBZ9QQ
  • For a new legendary outfit we use: TIFZBHZK4A
  • For fireworks we use: UKUZBZGWF
  • For a UMP9 skin we use: GPHZDBTFZM24U
  • To have a free companion we use: R89FPLM9S
  • For a gold leaf we use: JJCZCDZJ9U
  • For a Skin M416 we use: PGHZDBTFZ95UBBB
  • For new AKM glacier skin we use: SD14G84FCC
  • For a free skin of the KAR98 sniper gun we use: KARZBZYTR
  • For the M16A14 pistol we use a new skin: S78FTU2XJ
  • For a free box we use: NEIZBZKND
  • For free BP coins we use: NEHZBZ9VX
  • For a free AKM skin we use: JJCZCDZ9U
  • For popularity of a cannon we use: BBKRZBZBF9
  • For a legendary costume we use: TIFZBIZACZG

 Diversified codes to redeem


  • A70DZMIL
  • 5FG10D33
  • TQIZBz76F

 Now that you know the new official 2020 redemption codes, use them and continue enjoying this incredible game like PUBG Mobile.

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