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Angel Marquez
2020-05-22 16:13:37

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Learn how to get The Desert Fossil AKM in this excellent PUBG Mobile explanatory guide.

The new update in PUBG Mobile brought you will get access to a new skin for a weapon, it is about The Desert Fossil AKM, this will have last week, this has 2 different styles that we can unlock, in addition, that it is possible to opt for Rewards, so that we have the idea of ​​How to obtain The Desert Fossil AKM, this guide brings a lot of content to guide us, only that we have to do our part for your understanding, let's see what it brings us below.

What to know about The Desert Fossil AKM in PUBG Mobile?

It is part of a new event that has the name Model Soldier, which brings the Mr. Fox set and the Mr. Fox headdress as a reward, it is necessary to complete the achievements, by doing so we will have access to scissors with which it is possible to cut the points of the different rewards, the accumulated points allow us to unlock the rewards, now to understand more just continue.

How to get The Desert Fossil AKM in PUBG Mobile?

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The rewards we have for this new event are many, the name of this event is Lucky Spin, which is that we spend 60 UC to make a turn of the wheel, controlling the first day only costs 10, it is necessary to do For 10 occasions, which has a total cost of 540 UC, even for the time we do this it is possible to win something, it is necessary to make many spins, possibly, until we get the The Desert Fossil AKM, taking into account the difficulty that this represents for Being an element with a lot of rarity, there are many things that I have been adding to this game, so it is important to be oriented and see what we find in our journey.

We hope that the specific information here on How to obtain The Desert Fossil AKM is very useful for you to have fun in PUBG Mobile.

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