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This time we return with a PUBG Mobile guide aiming to explain how to aim better.

  In PUBG Mobile survival reaches its most extreme point in real battles, where in the end it is possible that we go through the situation of our enemy or us, at this moment it is perfect to have all the necessary offensive material, which for that purpose is It is vital to understand how to aim better, which in the end can lead us to victory, so we will keep the details in this guide, let's go ahead and see what it will bring about.
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    Why improve shooting skills in PUBG Mobile?


     It is possible that we will survive at least until the end of the game, relying on our abilities or companions, but it will be possible to a certain extent, since it is important that we aim and shoot accurately by our own means if we want to eliminate our enemy, Knowing how to aim better, we will have an advantage once we are at the maximum capacity, it is something so important that we must seek to achieve, the details that will help us are yet to come, just continue reading until we get to the point of interest.


     How to aim better in PUBG Mobile?


     There are some factors that are necessary to consider in PUBG Mobile if we want to have the ideal capabilities for a combat, let's see in more detail the aspects below.


    •  The Weapons: In each of the weapons that we are going to find throughout the game, it has a different dynamic, without virtual reality being an important factor, when we target our enemies there are some techniques to each of them, it is good to adapt to the capabilities of each weapon that we find.
    • The Aim: As for how to aim better, we find the assistance of the aim, this can become our best friend in the most compromising situations, it is possible to block automatically when our enemy is Static, helping us to have a better pulse when aiming to eliminate our enemy, without getting to aim it if we get to be in movement.
    • The Colors of the Crossover Cable: This will help us that our aim is stable and perfect, taking into account the visibility necessary to have this great support, certainly in the game we can make the color changes, but black as fixed is the most correct thing Because there is a lot of light around us and because of the openness of the world, the colors white and yellow will not be useful at any time, while red is able to hide in the brown soil and green grass.
    • The Screen: On our screen it is ideal that our enemy becomes visible, in this way we can eliminate it, if we focus on finding a sight it is possible that we become exposed, which means death, it is correct to use A weapon capable of being effective at long and short range, everything will depend on what our situation is, we target and eliminate them.
    • The Sight: It is important to keep in mind that the sight does not mean that we will have more power in the shots or that it will be able to make it easy for us against any enemy, the operation of a sight is simply to take a closer look at our objective, since that it is possible just by noticing our enemy on the screen to end this, it is certainly a great support but the precision that we have ourselves is key, we must be alert at all times.
    • Buttons to Shoot: In PUBG Mobile we have 2 shooting options on the screen, which in itself can become a determining factor in using our capabilities to the fullest, the dominant hand is ideal for executing those shots that are in bursts, While the other will serve us to simply shoot, with our strong hand it is possible to win with long blows and instead the opposite hand is ideal to be able to kill in as few shots as possible.
    • Sensitivity: This has a very important role in terms  to aim better, since due to this feature we will be somewhat unstable in our game before, so having control of finger handling will be necessary, thus achieving Complete objectives when shooting with quick screen movements.
    • Training: It will be useless for us to keep in mind the appropriate strategies if we do not practice them, our style of play must be intertwined with these tactics that we mentioned before, so we have them applied by us frequently.

     In this way we finish our PUBG Mobile guide, now you know how to aim better, you only have to enjoy it to the fullest.

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