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Angel Marquez
2022-08-05 15:47:38

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This time we are back with a guide to explain to you how to redeem a PS5 code.

What to know about redeeming a PS5 code?


 They are a download code, which can be affected by an error code, which affects the transfer of data from the console or the controller can cause it, seeking to know how to redeem a PS5 code is appropriate to be prepared before this situation, so let's see what the following details can guide us.


How to redeem a PS5 code?

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We will go to the PlayStation Store from our console, when we click on the PS5 Store icon in the main menu, what we will do regarding How to redeem a PS5 code is to click on the corresponding option by pressing the down button to open, we will see some options and by pressing the up button we can see the options toolbar, we must go through to see more options and here we will choose redeem code, we will enter the 12 digits of the code to start the download of our items.


In the case that our code does not work we must consider multiple reasons, therefore, the correct entry is important first, also the validity of it may have ended, through the mail or voucher we can see its expiration date, another situation may be that PS5N has problems, considering that internet failures can be normal affecting the services, presenting error messages downloading or sharing game, we must check the status of PS5N to try again after a while and it is very important that the code has not been used before.

 Finally, now that we know how to redeem a
PS5 code we can go on with our fun.

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