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2020-11-20 06:59:41

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Find out how to claim the traveler cake in this excellent and explanatory Genshin Impact guide.

What to know about the cake for traveler in Genshin Impact?

It is a birthday reward, which if we want to obtain we must wait for our special day, this is very strange, so it has to bring some important benefits in the game, which will take us to the next content and its details regarding a How to claim the cake for the traveler, let's look at it very carefully then.
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How to claim the Cake For Traveler in Genshin Impact?

In the game we must have our birthday set, this leads us to claim this reward on our birthday, then the use of it goes through the inventory, which leads us to obtain fragile resin and another cake of this type, it is something that if we want we do not use, we can leave it in our inventory, there is the possibility that by setting the specific date of our birthday allows us to obtain this reward, we will do this from the pause menu, press ESC on the PC and We click on the button next to our name, which leads us to the option to edit birthdays, here what we will do is enter the month and day of our birthday, or any date if we seek to obtain such a reward, after the data is ready we will confirm it.

 Now that you know how to claim the Cake For Traveler just do it and keep having fun at Genshin Impact.

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