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With our PS5 guide you will learn more about How to connect the speakers and the soundbar.

What to know about the speakers and the soundbar in PS5?

They are a system that allows us to have a great sound for our enjoyment of the quality that our console offers us, the use of these can be complex, and therefore some questions arise regarding how to connect the speakers and the sound bar, To clarify them, we must follow some indications that will be presented in this guide below, let's see.

How to connect speakers and soundbar in PS5?

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To make the connection of the speakers we have to consider that our PS5 does not have an optical audio port, so we can use the HDMI ports using the HDMI audio extractor, we will place it between the console and the television, connecting from the console a HDMI cable to take it to connect with the audio extractor and then to the speakers.

In the case of the sound bar, we have to depend on the speakers that the television brings, having deep, rich and generally very full of life sound effects, bearing in mind that it will depend on our equipment, while the sound bar can connect it through the HDMI port to the console and then through another HDMI cable to the TV, even another option is to connect the console to the TV and later to an optical cable.

Taking into account How to connect the speakers and the sound bar, you must have the option of surround sound, which must be well managed by the room, in case of having it, the configuration requires that we make some adjustments, these being the following:

  • Go to settings, in sound, type HDMI output.
  • Set the device to AV amplifier by ruling out the sound bar.
  • Choose the number of speakers we have.
  • Adjust speaker positions to suit the room.
  • Choose the priority audio format.
  • Having the console directly connected to the sound bar or HDMI receiver, choose linear PCM.
  • Choose dolby or DTS to pass the signal.

In this way we finish our PS5 guide, now you know how to connect the speakers and the soundbar, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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