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With our PS5 guide, you will learn more about How to check controller battery charge.

What to know about controller battery charge in PS5?

The duration of the battery is 12 hours, all depending on the use that comes to require the feedback of the game, it is very opportune to be attentive to the charge that we have left in the controller, because we can go through an unexpected interruption that affects our performance in the game that we are playing, now to know how to check controller battery charge, we must follow some indications that will be presented in this guide below.

How to check controller battery charge in PS5?

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It is possible to use the controller on a PC, which will be seen working in the form of a Steam client, but you will not have the enjoyment of everything that PS5 has, certainly to play on PC it is an interesting option, even the battery it can have a longer duration, as for How to check controller battery charge, what we will do is get the readings for this on our PC, the DS4Windows software being useful, it is an application that checks the battery on the screen of the controller, we just have to connect our controller to the PC, and it will be detected automatically, if it is in Steam we will see an indicative logo in the upper right corner, we can click on it for the configuration and details of the battery.

By pressing the PlayStation button on the controller we can see the control center, noticing that checking the battery is simple, at the bottom we will see the characteristics, here is the option of accessories, we will see here the level of the battery of our controller , we will even be alerted when the battery is low to avoid problems, connecting it by USB will start charging the controller, the battery icon will be moving.

In conclusion, knowing how to check controller battery charge is interesting because it allows us to keep an eye on what is happening with our controller in PS5.

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