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Today we bring you a guide from Pokemon Scarlet Violet on How to backup Save Data in Pokémon Scarlet Violet

Why How to make a backup copy of the saved data in Pokémon Scarlet Violet?

  This is one of the necessary tasks to execute and it is a necessary requirement, above all, this is usually more applicable because the most recent games usually have an open world, this allows for more fights and challenges, sometimes we can deactivate autosave, so we must make a backup copy of Pokemon Scarlet Violet in order to avoid losing progress, this in the middle of a technical blockage.

How to make a backup of the save data in Pokémon Scarlet Violet?

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This is a necessary task to execute and this is a game that usually stores secondary data automatically, this is an action to execute that is easy enough to perform and for this we must press X, the B button and Up on the D- pad, this is usually done simultaneously, we will do this in the title of the game screen when it asks us to press A and when we say it we must do it, this allows us to see this information:


  •   Name
  • collected badges
  • Paldea Pokedex
  • collected recipes
  • Game time
  • Location
  • last save


  It is important to take into account that at the bottom of our screen we will see the button Start from the backup and this allows us to load the game from the Last save, in case of doing something by mistake we will delete a shiny Pokemon or use an element accidentally, we can access the data saved from the backup to restart the game or deactivate the automatic saving function and not lose the data, to apply it we must:


  •   Go to the menu to press the X button and navigate to options.
  • Then we'll scroll down to AutoSave and turn it on.
  • This executed action allows activating the autosave.


  Now that you know how to make a backup copy of the saved data in Pokemon Scarlet Violet, you can apply it and thus avoid losing progress in Pokemon Scarlet Violet.

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