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Angel Marquez
2020-06-18 17:38:14

We invite you to discover How to get the EXP Charm a new task in Pokémon Isle of Armor.

What is the EXP Charm in Pokémon Isle of Armor?

It is an object that was added in the shield and sword game, by the armor island DLC, it is necessary that if we want to have it, make the purchase of the season pass, then we have to go to the Wedgehurst station, you have to talk to the direct ones about the necessary visit to the island of armor, here we will have access by a member of a dojo who is on the island, now to know how to get the EXP charm let's see more details right now.

How to get the EXP Charm in Pokémon Isle of Armor?


This member of the Dojo invites us to a fight, the moment we defeat her she tries to prevent us from going to the Dojo where she trains, it is because she does not want to lose our attention, on the bottom hill we will notice this Dojo, here we go to meet Honey, a new character on the outside of this place, when he asks us to enter we are going to meet Hyde's son, here we will get a gift, nothing more and nothing less than the EXP charm, this we can get somewhere Pokémon that is below our team or save it for later, since later we may access a special Pokémon through the DLC, it is the Legendary Kubfu, if we give it the EXP Charm we will be able to elevate its experience in battles and so we can get to be at the same level as our team.

We hope that the specific information here on How to get the EXP Charm has been useful for your progress and fun at Pokémon Isle of Armor.

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