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Guide to learn how to evolve Marill in Pokemon Isle of Armor

Sword & Shield's first expansion has brought with it new Pokémon for trainers to catch, some of which can evolve into new forms with even more potential.

Among those pokemon that you can tap into potential on Armor Island is the popular Marill, a Water-type companion who made his first appearance in Pokemon Gen II, with that said, Marill evolved from Azurill in the expansion, but for those who want evolve to its final form and with this guide on how to evolve Marill will help you.

How to evolve Marill in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

First you have to locate Marill in the game and this incredible pokemon appears in The Cave of the Brawlers that he finds on the same Island of Armor. This is a location that can be entered from the relaxing wetlands, the challenge road, or the training lowlands.When you reach the cave, you should find one on the first floor of the cavern, as they are quite common.

Once you make him your partner, all you have to do is increase your friendship with him and raise the Pokémon to at least level 18. Once you have done so, Marill naturally evolved to Azumarill.

Even when you use your pokemon in battle, you must use experience sweets to level them up faster. Sweets come in different sizes that give a different XP boost, which is as follows:

  • XL - 30000
  • L - 10000
  • M - 3000
  • S - 800
  • XS - 100
  • Rare Candy quickly increases your Pokémon to level 100.

With that said, How to evolve Marill in Pokemon Isle of Armor will be an easy task as well as having time to improve your skills. Luck!

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