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Guide to learn how to evolve Buneary in Pokemon Isle of Armor

The new companions of the rabbit type return to stay in Pokemon Isle of Armor after they did not appear available in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Buneary and Lopunny are both pure normal types and are specific to learning a variety of moves of many different types and made their first appearance in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl with a complicated method of triggering evolution, but don't worry, with this article you We will teach How to evolve Buneary.

How to evolve Buneary in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

Like many Pokémon with difficult evolution conditions, Buneary does not evolve at a specific level. Instead, there are hidden conditions that are needed beforehand for this fluffy bunny to grow up, but her cute looks as well as her bright pink shapes make them perfect for trainers who want a Pokemon that combines cuteness with roughness for the upcoming battles.

Buneary's condition for evolution is through a hidden stat known as friendship. Many other Pokémon have friendship evolutions such as Golbat, Pichu, Riolu, and Snom. However, what makes Buneary unique is how his base friendship when caught or received is 0.

Since friendship evolutions involve leveling up Pokémon with a lot of friendship, this can make Buneary's evolution a bigger challenge compared to other Pokémon evolving with friendship.

There are many methods for raising friendships and the easiest way, of course, is to keep them by your side, because the simple act of walking is enough to start a friendship.

There are also other techniques that help raise the friendship level, such as getting your Pokémon to approach a Pokémon, sustain a reassuring campaign, or catch the Pokémon in a fancy ball.

If you manage to gain enough friendship, you will see how it will evolve when it levels up. If the Buneary reaches level 100 without evolving, it can never become a Lopunny.

On the other hand, if you manage to make it evolve, it is recommended to teach Lopunny the Return movement because it becomes more powerful with higher friendship values.

With that explanation of How to evolve Buneary in Pokemon Isle of Armor you can be aware of their friendship patterns and all the details to make the evolution a success, from the rest enjoy this incredible pokemon.

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