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Know how to change the resulting weather necessary as we delve into Pokemon Isle of Armor.

What does Pokemon Isle of Armor bring to us?

The truth is that this expansion of Pokemon Sword and Shield is giving much to talk about, with more creatures, more activities and a number of considerable changes among which is the weather, since we are given the possibility of being able to manage it to have more comfort when catching a Pokémon.

How to change weather in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

The weather is a very relevant factor when it comes to going for a creature, since it is simply not all possible to catch it in the same type of weather and this allows us to make some small adjustments to our console and child:
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  • It is required to press the start button on our Nientendo switch.
  •     Next we need to access the system.
  •     Then it will be necessary to access a change schedule and proceed to change it at least a few hours.

This allows us to obtain some interesting changes since the climate presents variations that are necessary for creatures, it is also worth noting that these conditions normally occur 1 of each month but for this DLC specifically it is 15 and then we leave you some necessary details to take into account every month.

  •     Fog weather usually occurs on January 15 and October 15.
  •     Cloudy weather usually occurs on February 15.
  •     The rainy weather usually occurs on April 15 and June 15.
  •     The true climate does not usually occur on July 15 and August 15.
  •     Clear weather usually occurs on March 15, September 15, and November 156.
  •     The intense sun climate usually occurs on May 15 and December 15.

This is all you need to know about Changing weather and making it easier to catch creatures in Pokemon Isle of Armor.

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