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Pokemon Go: How-to Unlock the Looming Shadows

2019-11-14 07:53:22

The objective of the realization of this guide is to find all answers of How to unlock the Looming Shadows that are coming in Pokémon Go.

We will find in Pokemon Go a recent event of great importance, which will place us in a stage where we will be able to face the Rocket team but more precisely as our opponent is someone of greater influence in this group, in order to defeat this leader and his servers will be a priority that we know how to unlock the Looming Shadows that are coming, with these tasks we will have the opportunity to purify more Pokemon and advance in the most relevant levels of the game, so that we can meet these objectives, we will have available the details that will take us to get what we want in the following content.

What should we do to unlock the shadows that lie ahead in Pokémon Go?

The big question we have here How to unlock the Looming Shadows  that lie ahead, for this the solution is the realization of a special investigation, which will lead us to unlock these tasks, we can obtain them once every month and so that we have access to that of the month We must have completed the last month, if we want to know what those tasks are, in the reading that follows we will be closer to the answers.

How to unlock the coming shadows (step 1) in Pokémon Go?

For more things we do the Rocket team will be a complication, so these challenges are not yet to be concluded, if we want to find one of the most influential characters of our eternal rivals, we must work hard to get it, arriving So at the end of this mystery, what we must do in the first stage of tasks to complete it is as follows.

  • Defeat 3 members of Team Rocket and for achieving 500 XP
  • Capture a shadow Pokémon and achieve 500 XP
  • 10 PokeStops and for achieving 500 XP

If we complete all we will win 500 Stardust, 10 pokeballs and 10 Razz Berries

How to unlock the coming shadows (step 2) in Pokémon Go?

As we will face the members of Team Rocket, these will leave mysterious components, probably what you use to get appropriate of PokeStops resources, these are small devices, if it is possible that we get these components could be of great help in the battle that we are ridding, if we get to collect many pieces, we can have a device that will serve as support to meet our objectives and thus be prepared, at this stage we will work like this.

  • For 5 continuous days we must turn a PokeStops and to achieve 750 XP
  • Win 5 raids and achieve 750 XP
  • Purify 15 Pokemon shadows and achieve 750 XP
  • We will win by completing everything: 1000 Stardust, 3 Potions and 3 revives
For us to achieve the purification of the shadow Pokemon we must have a lot of Stardust, and with 1000 of this we can purify Rattata or Zubat.

How to unlock the coming shadows (step 3) in Pokémon Go?

It is of great importance that we do not underestimate our rivals, except the Rocket Team, surely the components give them another kind of use different from what we thought, it is time to be ready for battles and train should help us improve our skills, to thus completing our objectives, in this step the tasks are managed as well

  • In a gym battle you must use 6 super-efficient attacks and therefore 1000 XP
  • Defeat 6 members of Team Rocket and therefore 1000 XP
  • Against another coach we must win 3 major league coaches and therefore 1000 XP

For completing all the tasks of this stage we will win: 1500 Star Dust, 15 Large Balls and 5 Pineapple Berries.

How to unlock the coming shadows (step 4) in Pokémon Go?

The Rocket Radar, thanks to the obtaining of several components we will have this device, with the investigation and the components we will be able to create this tool that will help us find the Rocket Team's hiding place, once we find the hiding places we must face the following challenges

  • Beat Arlo and therefore 1000 XP
  • Beat Cliff and therefore 1000 XP
  • Beat Sierra and therefore 1000 XP

Award for fulfilling everything: 2000 Stardust, 1 Super Rocket Radar and 3 Golden Razz Berry

How to unlock the coming shadows (step 5) in Pokémon Go?

We will have as a result when we reach this stage that the leaders we beat serve someone superior who gives the orders in the Rocket Team, with the components obtained in the previous stage we have achieved many improvements and thus create the Super Rocket Radar that will help us Find this supreme leader of our enemies, this stamp his signature with a G in all messages, at this stage we will see.

  • Find the top boss of Team Rocket and therefore 2500 Stardust
  • Fight with the top leader of Team Rocket and therefore 1500 XP
  • Beat the top boss of Team Rocket and therefore 3 Silver Pinap Berry

Prize for everything: 3000 Stardust, 1 Fast Charge TM and 1 Charged TM

How to unlock the coming shadows (step 6) in Pokémon Go?

We managed to rescue a special shadow Pokemon and we have curbed Team Rocket's plans for the moment, Giovanni is the top leader and will not give up on fulfilling his ambitions, so we must continue fighting him and his entire team, so that we should look at others, such as Spark Blanche and Candela, it is certain that we will see them again.

For this stage there are no tasks, with this we finish the special investigation

Final prizes: 3 Max Revive, 20 Ultra Balls and 3 Rare Candy.

Thus we come to the end, with this content of this guide it is solved How-to unlock the Looming Shadows that are coming in Pokémon Go and we hope that it provides the necessary utility.
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Niantic, The Pokémon Company
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July 6, 2016

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