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Lidia Rozo
2023-06-30 11:19:21

More about: Pokemon GO

Learn how to use Campfire feature in Pokémon GO! Catch and battle Pokémon like never before with this innovative addition to the popular mobile game. 

Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm, bringing the experience of catching and battling Pokémon to the real world. With the introduction of Campfire, a new feature in the game, Trainers can now host and join raids with ease. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of using Campfire to enhance your Pokémon GO raid experience.

In Pokemon GO, a campfire is a special feature that allows you to set up a cozy campsite in various locations on the map. It's not just a decorative element, but a tool that can provide you with various benefits and opportunities. Campfires serve as a hub for trainers to gather, share tips and strategies, and even engage in battles. It's like having a virtual Pokemon training camp right at your fingertips.

 Hosting a Raid

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  • Download and Log in to the App:To get started, you'll need to download the Campfire app from your app store of choice. Once downloaded, log in using your Pokémon GO account credentials to ensure a seamless integration between the two apps.
  •  Link Campfire:After logging in, you'll need to link the Campfire app to your Pokémon GO account. This step is crucial as it allows the Campfire app to access your Pokémon GO profile and facilitate raid hosting.
  • Initiating a Raid:Now that your accounts are linked, it's time to initiate a raid. Tap on the "Team Up" button within the Campfire app to access the raid menu. From there, select "Host Raid" to begin the process. The Campfire app will then search for nearby Trainers who are also using Campfire and prompt you to add them as friends. By adding friends, you can invite them to join your raid and increase your chances of success.

Joining a Raid

  •  Download and Log in to the App:If you're looking to join a raid rather than host one, you'll need to follow a similar process. Download the Campfire app and log in using your Pokémon GO account.
  • Joining a Raid:Once logged in, tap on the "Team Up" button within the Campfire app. Instead of selecting "Host Raid," choose "Join Raid" to enter the matchmaking process.

The Campfire app will then matchmake you with a suitable raid host and other Trainers who are also looking to join a raid. This feature ensures that you can find like-minded Trainers to team up with and tackle challenging raids together.

During the raid, the Campfire app offers preset messages that you can use to communicate and coordinate with your fellow Trainers. This feature makes it easier to strategize and execute your battle plan without the need for external communication apps.

Campfire is a game-changing addition to Pokémon GO, allowing Trainers to host and join raids with ease. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can make the most of this feature and enhance your raiding experience. So, download the Campfire app, link it to your Pokémon GO account, and get ready to team up with other Trainers to conquer powerful raid bosses. Happy raiding!

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