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Today we have a Pokemon Go guide where we will tell you how to disable AR mode.

What is AR mode in Pokemon Go?

  This is not more than a mode that has the particularity of showing us a similar aspect of the game while we find ourselves catching a Pok√©mon either in the park or in our homes, so it is necessary to know how to disable the AR mode because in some Sometimes this mode does not usually work well in all environments, in addition this mode has the characteristics of making us drain the battery, although it is true, catching a Pok√©mon is exciting, also, running out of battery can be annoying.

How to disable AR mode in Pokemon Go?

  There is more than one way to achieve it and in reality it does not usually have greater complexity, and in this case we must:
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    Deactivate the AR mode on the device: this is an applicable option and in this case we must take care of going to the configuration on our device to deactivate the permission to use the camera, by doing so the application will not have access to the camera and therefore neither to AR mode.

     Deactivate the AR mode in the configuration:
    this is one way to do it and for this we must search for Configuration just by touching the Pokéball and scrolling down in order to find Ninantic AR (AR), then we proceed to uncheck the box, this does not will set more AR mode as default, but there is a change that this mode can be re-enabled at any time on the capture screen.

     Disable AR mode during a battle:
    this is another way that usually favors us to know how to disable AR mode and in this case we will have to take care of touching the AR slider button in the upper right corner, when doing so, this usually turn off the AR mode and offers us access to a generic Pokémon environment.


     If you have not yet managed to disable this mode in Pokemon Go you should:


    •  Restart the app and go back to Pokemon Go Settings to turn off AR mode.
    • Then we need to log out and log back in.


     Choosing to remove the app and re-download it is another action to take.


     If nothing works, you will have to go to the Pokemon Go help center to find out.


     Now that you know how to disable AR mode, it's time to apply some of the methods described here in this Pokemon Go guide.

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