Angel Marquez
2021-11-09 08:24:35

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Today, we bring you a Pikmin Bloom guide, in which we will explain how to fix Not Counting Steps.

What to know about Pikmin Bloom?

Niantic brought us this interesting game, where health can have something of importance while walking, in order to have other characters, it is necessary to plant seeds in a certain amount, it is important for unlocking content, only that it is very complex When the count of the steps is not kept, which becomes a problem that leads us to know how to fix the steps without counting and with the following content we can orient ourselves, let's see it.

How to fix Not Counting Steps in Pikmin Bloom?

It is certainly possible to be able to play with friends in Pikmin Bloom, only that as for How to fix the steps without counting it is something that will depend on the individual, this means the fact of being with a delay in our steps in the registry, considering that the Google Fit applications may be delayed to update, which leads us to seek synchronization when restarting them, it should be noted that this issue prevents us from playing, in case of not reaching anything with the restart of the applications, then we must focus on the configuration of location, tracking and battery by accessing the details.
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What we will do in terms of How to fix the steps without counting in Pikmin Bloom is to keep the battery saving deactivated and check some settings that allow correcting the one corresponding to Google Fit, for this we start the application, enter the profile, go to the gear button located in the right corner, we must make sure that the follow-up button is activated, we will press on connected applications to see that the game is also activated, otherwise we must restart the game.

For the location settings we enter the applications and notifications, in the permission manager we are going to enter the location, it is important that the permissions that are related to the location are activated as long as they are always allowed, in terms of How to fix the steps Without counting, we must consider that the devices that use Apple Health with which the steps are recorded, which in turn brings delays, then the restart of both applications will be necessary for our phone, if it works we will start our journey that will place us in unlocking more new features.

It is relevant that if we notice the count of the steps by the Apple Health application and it does not turn out to be the case for Pikmin Bloom we go to the tracking, location and battery settings so that the information can be accessed, we must keep saving Battery deactivated and be aware of settings such as entering here we can go through the health, data access and devices, we go through the game so that we are sure of the deactivation and be able to make the correct configuration by entering that option, through the service's location that will be in the privacy option we must always allow for this game.

What follows is to go through the application of the game in the settings menu, it is important that the option remains in forever, while the movement and Fitness, update of the application in the background, mobile data while there are many things activated, with these changes the problem should disappear, managing to return to the fun as we progress.

Finally, now that we know how to fix Not Counting Steps, we can move on to Pikmin Bloom.

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