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With our Persona 4 Golden guide you will learn more about how to get golden hands.

What to know about Persona 4 Golden?

Finally this game has come to PC, after so much waiting for many of us, the day has come, this version brings with it a series of improvements and additions, such as the content of the stories and arrangements that allow us to have a better gameplay, bringing the experience At a better level, Japanese audio is also included, now our present objective is to understand how to get golden hands and for this we have the content of this guide, let's pay close attention.
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    How to get golden hands in Persona 4 Golden?

    As we progress the confrontations with the shadows will be countless, but it is possible that we will reach a point where we meet a golden hand, they are enemies that focus on escaping from us the moment they see us, if we arrive to defeat them it is possible to get experience and important money, in the same way that with any other shadow to beat these we are only going to hit them with our weapon, which causes the beginning of a combat with these, it should be noted that they do not have weaknesses, They present immunity to death instantly, so it is necessary that we have an increased critical rate for the start of this conflict and thus physically attack them.

    Now in the event that all enemies go through critical damage, it is possible that when making a total attack it will allow us to finish them all, but the most appropriate thing is that our focus is one by one, even more so if we are below the adequate level, just by killing one you get a lot of experience and money, getting a golden hand is possible when you see it on the floor of a dungeon, if we want many encounters with this enemy it is possible that when climbing the stairs to reach the floor next and lower it again allow the appearance of this enemy once again.

     Finally, now that we know how to get golden hands, it is possible to go ahead in Persona 4 Golden.

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