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Valorant: How To Record Gameplay easily

2020-06-15 08:05:18

Today we made for you a Valorant guide where we have proposed to explain how to record Gameplay, let's see.

How to record Gameplay in Valorant?

  Only the idea of recording Gameplay is excellent in every sense of the word, that's why we are going to leave you some software with which it is possible to run it, so you can choose the one that suits you best and they are also free, also record Gameplay in PC is simply not difficult, which makes the task easier.

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    What is the best free software to record Gameplay in Valorant?

     Given the possibility of knowing how to record Gameplay we leave an explanation about 5 free software that can help you and are the following:

    • ACTION !: This really is quite comfortable to use, since it has to its credit a good number of formats, Slick UI, 4k, controls for smartphones and much more, which makes it quite optimal especially if you have any type of support it is when we are facing Nvidia, OpenGL or DirectX mainly.
    • AMD Relive: Another software that is quite good when it comes to knowing how to record Gameplay is simply AMD Relive, since it has among its main features free and multi-channel audio, scene editor that is simply fantastic, but the detail is that it is only viable for users who have AMD graphics card.
    • MSI Aterburner: Generally, we usually look for software that is well known, especially when it comes to knowing how to record Gameplay, since it is simply necessary to go for the best bet, if we add to this that they are free, more favorable still, and this software in the particular offers high-resolution templates, does not force the hardware and we can make some modifications to the videos with ease.
    • Nvidia ShadowPlay: Nvidia also has its free software as we described earlier with AMD, perhaps these are very interesting advantages that cannot be left out and more if we are talking about Valorant, since Nvidia ShadowPlay offers us a playback function snapshot, 4K video recording at 60 FPS, it is a very easy tool to use, it is free but it works only with the Nvidia graphics card.

     In this sense, now that you know how to record Gameplay, it is time to choose the one that suits you best, since you have several options to use them while you are playing Valorant.

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    Action, Strategy, tactical shooter
    Riot Games
    Riot Games
    Unreal Engine
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