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Satisfactory has not escaped crashes, let's see how to fix Game Not Launching error

What can we say about Satisfactory?

 This is a game that has had great support from its players, since the only idea of ​​knowing that it is a simulation game, where exploration and combat are the epicenter of it, the small detail that this access has managed to open some bugs so it is necessary to know how to fix Game Not Launching error, the detail here is that this is not presented as something new, since it is quite common to get it, because each of the three games they present this same drawback, for which some action is necessary and everything seems to indicate that they may be directly linked to the operating system.

 This failure simply blocks us from starting and it becomes a very uncomfortable matter in Satisfactory, especially since the first hours of this game were fantastic, as one of the first striking options that we can consider to know How to fix Game Not Launching error is related to the graphics card, since it is normal to use an appropriate card, so it is necessary to review it in detail, because above all this inconvenience has a greater presence in laptops where we have two graphics cards, but if this is the case it will be necessary to do the following.


  •  If we are Nvidia users we must Access the Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Then go to 3D Settings.
  • Then we select high-performance Nvidia processor.
  • To finish we will click on Apply, we proceed to save the executed changes and exit.



  •  If we are AMD users it is necessary to go to the AMD Control Panel.
  • Then go to Radeon Settings and follow the steps indicated very similar to Nvidia

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What causes Game Not Launching error in Satisfactory?

Normally a failure when it is presented to us has been derived from some origin and for that we are going to leave you some reasons why it is presented to us in this game and good ones lead to the need to know how to fix Game Not Launching error.

  • The old graphics card drivers: One of the most relevant reasons that we get for the errors of many PC games are the graphics cards and that is because sometimes we forget to update them, and it is there where it is necessary to have some idea if we really want to know how to repair the error of the game that does not start, since these cards would be old for the latest games, especially with AMD or Nvidia having frequent updates.
  • An old operating system: An important reason to know how to fix Game Not Launching error is clearly related to the operating system and is that some systems such as Windows 7 may become outdated and even Windows 10 so it will be update is required before starting Satisfactory.
  • Steam overlay: An option that may be quite necessary is to disable the steam overlay, as this may be the cause of the error in this game only once we have observed the introduction of the video.
  • Privileges: It is something of the most normal thing to have the fact that there is not some privileged Windows software as administrator, so we will see the need to run this game as administrator to allow it to run normally.
  • Third-party game optimization software: Knowing how to fix Game Not Launching error is mainly based on the possibility of knowing all the causes that cause them, since for this it will be necessary to deactivate and uninstall the program to fix errors in Game Not Launching especially if we are using GeForce or Afterburner.


 How to fix Game Not Launching error in Satisfactory?

Turn off the Steam overlay.

While we are entering the game there is the possibility of getting us with a failure and therefore it is necessary to know how to fix error in the game that does not start, and we can do it this way:


  •  We go to the home screen of the Steam client and we will click exactly on Steam.
  • Then we will click on Configuration.
  • Then we proceed to select In-Game from the menu.
  • Then we uncheck Activate Steam Overlay during the game.
  • We proceed to click on Accept to save the executed changes and we will launch the game normally.

Update graphics card drivers.

One of the drawbacks that show us this error in Satisfactory is the outdated drivers and this really is done quite easily.

  •  We can download the update of our graphic card manually from the manufacturer's website or from the Software.
  • Once downloaded, it will only be necessary to double-click and follow the instructions shown on the screen for installation.
  • There is the possibility to uninstall a driver from any tool to proceed to reinstall a newer driver.

Delete or disable GeForce or MSI Afterburner experience.

It is good to know that this bug has more than one solution and that opens up the opportunities for us to play Satisfactory, because on some occasions it is necessary to consider the possibility of uninstalling some programs that are not necessary, and choose because the one that suits us best, this means that we are facing the possibility of deactivating some software that usually makes some adjustments clearly related to the configuration of the GPU.


Administrator privileges

The mere idea of ​​not having permission from the game administrator can cause us a problem in Satisfactory and to know how to fix Game Not Launching error, it is necessary to follow these instructions.


  •  Firstly, it is necessary to locate the executable of the game, then we will right-click and proceed to select properties.
  • Then we move to the compatibility tab and there we check the box Run this program as an administrator, then save.

 Now that you know how to fix Game Not Launching error and the causes that cause it, it is good to understand that Satisfactory can only run on Windows, just make sure you have the requirements stated here to achieve excellent enjoyment.

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