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Find out How to Change Server in Pax Dei?, only in this excellent and explanatory guide with details.

This guide helps Pax Dei players understand the game's server architecture, how to check the server status, and the strategic advantages of choosing a server by closely following the instructions below.

How to Change Server in Pax Dei?

The structure of the Pax Dei distributed server is as follows:

Pax Dei uses a distributed architecture with multiple individual servers, which differentiates it from single-server MMORPGs. This method encourages a smooth gameplay experience and maintains a large player base (with a goal of 20,000 per shard). Global Reach: Developer Mainframe initially launched Pax Dei with English support in South America/Brazil and Southeast Asia. It is very likely that it will expand to other areas in the future.

The status of the monitoring server is as follows:

  • Official Channels: Use official communication channels to stay informed about server status. Pax Dei's server status web page and its official Twitter account provide real-time updates on any ongoing maintenance activities and server uptime.

If applicable, strategic advantages of server selection include:

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Although Pax Dei strives to ensure server stability, choosing a server strategically can improve the gaming experience:

  • Decreased Latency: High latency, often due to geographic distance from the server, can cause slow gameplay with delays in character actions and interactions with the environment. Switching to a server that is geographically closer to your location can significantly reduce latency, ensuring a more welcoming experience.
  • Overwhelmed servers: can cause long login queues, increased latency due to server stress, and fierce competition for game resources, resulting in an inequitable population. Changing even a less populated server can solve these problems and improve the gaming environment.
  • Improved stability: Some servers may experience more frequent crashes or downtime, especially during peak hours or during important game events. A smoother gaming experience can be achieved by switching to a more stable server.

The functionality of the current server selection is as follows:

Please note that information on "How to quickly change the Pax Dei server region" is currently not available. This functionality may not be in the current version of the game or may be added in future updates. For the latest information on server selection options in Pax Dei, always refer to the official resources.

So we come to the end of this explanatory guide, now you know how to change servers in Pax Dei, just do it and enjoy it to the fullest.

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