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2024-06-21 08:49:39

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Welcome to our explanatory guide on How to Fix Elden Ring Lag Spikes? Accurately.

The immersive world of Elden Ring requires ideal acting to fully appreciate its challenge and beauty. However, lag spikes can change this experience, making both exploration and battle difficult. This guide examines the technical causes of lag spikes and offers solutions to improve performance.

How to Fix Elden Ring Lag Spikes?

Determine the cause of the delay:

  • Unreliable network connection: It is common for an Internet connection to be poor or unstable. Use online speed tests to check your bandwidth and make sure there is a consistent signal. Restarting your router can frequently resolve temporary connectivity issues. The delay can also be caused by high latency, which is a delay in data transfer. It is recommended that you contact your Internet service provider if you suspect more general Internet-related problems.
  • Outdated graphics drivers: Performance may be affected by outdated graphics drivers. For optimal compatibility and bug fixes, ensure your system uses the latest drivers. For the latest updates, visit your graphics card manufacturer's website.
  • Thermal throttling: A computer that gets too hot can throttle its performance and cause lag spikes. Use built-in tools or external applications to monitor your computer's temperature. Implement proper airflow by cleaning dust buildup on fans and vents, or if necessary, adjusting fan settings.

Optimization of results:

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  • Network Refresh: Temporary connectivity issues that could cause delays can often be resolved by a simple reboot of the router.
  • Software Updates: As mentioned above, it is essential to keep your graphics drivers up to date. Consider updating other relevant drivers, such as network and chipset drivers, to ensure compatibility and performance optimization.
  • Prioritize network traffic: Background apps can consume bandwidth, causing lag spikes. Before starting Elden Ring, close unnecessary programs such as video editors or file downloaders.
  • Adjusting Graphics Settings: Consider adjusting the graphics settings in Elden Ring if your PC is struggling to meet the recommended specifications. Lowering the resolution, removing unnecessary visual effects, or modifying anti-aliasing settings can save resources and possibly reduce lag spikes.

Proactive maintenance involves:

  • Regularly clean the computer: Regularly cleaning the PC prevents the buildup of dust, which can block airflow and contribute to overheating. Performance can be significantly improved with this basic maintenance.
  • Regular Updates: Make sure your PC operating system, games, and drivers are always up to date. In most cases, these updates include performance improvements and bug fixes that can eliminate potential causes of lag spikes.
  • Internet Connection Monitoring: Monitor Internet speed and stability continuously. Please contact your ISP to investigate potential issues on their end if you notice recurring issues.

This is all there is to consider in terms of fixing the Elden Ring lag spikes, you just have to follow the guidelines to return to our normal play and fun in such a fast-paced game.

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