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Discover Where To Find Congee Recipe in Palia with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome, fellow Palia adventurers! In this blog post, we will be exploring the exciting new recipe introduced in Patch 0.173 - Congee. This simple yet delicious dish has become a favorite among players, and today we will guide you on where to find the Congee recipe in Palia. But first, let's meet Subira, our protagonist, and discover her love for simple food while traveling.

Subira, a traveler at heart, enjoys the simplicity of life and seeks out meals that are both nutritious and easy to make. Congee perfectly fits this description, making it an ideal dish for Subira to teach players how to cook while exploring Palia.

 Where to Find Congee Recipe in Palia

Section 1: Obtaining Congee Recipe

To get your hands on the Congee recipe, you will need to complete all the new quests in Palia, particularly up to the quest called "Extravagant Expectations." Subira, who shares her culinary wisdom with players, will guide you through the steps of preparing Congee and reward you with the recipe upon completing the quest. So be sure to follow the quests diligently to unlock this delicious recipe!

Section 2: Finding Rice

Now that you have the Congee recipe, it's time to gather the necessary ingredients. Rice is the main component of Congee, and there are two methods to acquire it in Palia.

You can choose to grow your own rice in your garden, a process that takes three days. Each batch of rice costs 23 Coins to grow and provides you with two servings of rice. This option allows you to have a continuous supply of rice for your Congee-making adventures.

Alternatively, if you're in a hurry or prefer a quicker way to obtain rice, you can purchase it from the Daiya Family Farm. Each bag of rice from the farm costs 105 Coins, making it a convenient option for those who are short on time or don't have a garden yet.

Section 3: Cooking Congee

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Now that you have your rice ready, it's time to cook some delicious Congee. The cooking process in Palia is straightforward and can be done at any campfire.

To cook Congee, you will need two servings of rice. If you grew the rice in your garden or purchased it from the Daiya Family Farm, make sure you have it ready. Find a campfire in Palia, and interact with it to open the cooking menu. Select the Congee option, and your character will start the cooking process.

Cooking Congee takes approximately 15 seconds, so it won't keep you waiting for too long. Once it's cooked, you will be rewarded with a hearty bowl of warm and comforting Congee.

Section 4: Customizing Congee (optional)

While Congee is delicious on its own, Palia allows you to personalize your dish by adding various toppings during the quest. You can experiment with different ingredients to create a flavor profile that suits your taste.

However, if you prefer to keep things simple and enjoy a soft porridge without any additional ingredients, you can choose not to add anything extra. Congee in its purest form is equally satisfying and nourishing.

Congratulations on discovering the Congee recipe in Palia! We have covered the key points in this guide, from obtaining the recipe through completing quests to finding rice and cooking Congee. Remember, Subira plays a vital role in teaching players how to cook Congee and providing them with the recipe. Embrace the simplicity of this dish, just like Subira, and let it fuel your adventures in Palia.

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