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Angel Marquez
2021-04-12 15:28:41

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We welcome you to our PS5 guide, where we will talk about how to share games.

What to know about sharing games in PS5?

It is something possible through the Share function, where you can try the games, play the levels and even cooperatively through the internet, so to have an idea of ​​how to share games accurately we only have to attend to the content which will be offered from here on in this guide, let's see.

How to share games on PS5?

  • In our PS5 what we will do is organize a meeting with one or more friends for the use of Share Play.
  • We go to the beginning to tighten the PS5 without holding it tight.
  • We choose Game Base in the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, and we give a square to create the party.
  • We choose from our list of friends what we want to enter it, being the limit of 99 people.
  • We give you in Ok once the members have been chosen.
  • We choose voice chat.
  • We choose to join and in said voice chat window we choose the option to start sharing screen.
  • We enter the options of sharing screen or game, we choose, and we give X in this.
  • We choose to share the game.
  • We choose the name with whom we will share the screen
  • We choose the version that we will use of Share Play, being this the visitor plays like us where our friend can play the game instead of us and the one with the visitor that we can in terms of How to share games be both in the game, what comes to be the cooperative option.

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In this way, our friend will receive an invitation to share the game, he has to accept it, and we will return to the voice chat screen to see a countdown next to the icon to share the game, this can be for an hour and after the passage of This time the session closes automatically, but we can start another session again, highlighting that the choice of the visitor to play for us allows our friend to manage the game in its entirety but with the following limitations:

  • You will not be able to win trophies or take screenshots
  • If we go to any menu, the session for our friend will be paused until we return.
  • Our friend cannot access our home screen or other menus.
  • In the case of playing cooperatively, it is the same as being in the same place with the same restrictions.
  • By pressing the PS5 of our command we will end the shared game.
  • In the mosaics there is also the option to choose the chat of our group, this on the icons or Share Play from the initial menu.
  • At the top we can choose our current party, which is noted by headphones to be active.
  • We choose voice chat.
  • We choose between screen sharing or playback, and you can choose to stop the shared game, which means that our friend loses control of the game, but it is still possible to notice what he is doing until we finish sharing the screen.

Knowing how to share games is an interesting function, which can lead us to better enjoy our PS5, so we have fun.

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