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Angel Marquez
2021-04-08 16:27:51

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With our help you will see that knowing how to level up is easier than you thought in Outriders.

What to know about Outriders?

Reaching the highest level turns out to be something necessary in this game to progress, while we do it more quickly we will have better advantages, there are some ways to achieve and in this guide it will be explained in detail how to level up, you just have to pay attention to the following content.
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How to level up in Outriders?


  •  Main story missions: with this option it is possible to get a significant amount of XP for completing them, even more so with the many enemies that are presented in these Outriders missions, it is important to consider this way in terms of how to level up, what that will lead us to do it more quickly.
  • Secondary missions: it is ideal that we work them near the end of the game, which will allow them to be easier to tackle, only that we can spend work with the main missions in the afternoon of doing these secondary, the experience that we get by these is big, which may be supportive of our progress on Outriders in the main story.
  • The equipment and inventory slots: it is important that we check this to ensure that we use the best equipped weapons and armor, otherwise we can fail the enemies before, causing it to be slower to solve how to level up, it is always ideal that we have what better equipped, to do so and it is still difficult for us to improve this equipment in our camp.
  • Special missions: the missions that allow us to work better to level up are the secondary of revenge and the main salvation and endless, in secondary you have to kill a captain and henchmen, it is something simple, which we receive from Audrey Storm, once we complete it, we return with it and receive the XP in large quantities, this can be repeated as many times as we want, in case of the main mission salvation, it is presented to us in the first city, we receive it from Zahidi , where you have to locate the signal source of the anomaly to contact flowers so that the capsules can descend, considering the multiple enemy confrontations, with which we obtain significant amounts of XP.

 Obviously knowing how to level up allows us to have more fun as we progress in Outriders.

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