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Outriders: How to Find Sarah Tanner

2021-04-08 08:55:10

Many want to know how to find Sarah Tanner in Outriders and this article has it all covered from point to point.

Who is Sarah Tanner in Outriders?

She is an NPC, whom you will have to find the forest, during the secondary mission that you can access in Trench Town. And so that you do not complicate this search, here you will find everything about how to find Sarah Tanner.

How to find Sarah Tanner in Outriders?

Before you can even begin this mission, you will have to make sure you have gained access to The Gate location, so you will have to progress through the main Outriders story until you unlock the area.
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    After unlocking this location you will have to go to it, once in The Gate, you will have to go to the Horrific Sculptures area, where you will find some enemies whom you will have to eliminate.

    After eliminating them you will have to go to the search marker when you get to Horrific Sculptures.

    The marker is next to a blue tent.

    On the site you will find a body lying on the ground, in this case you will have to press the entry on the screen to interact with it and the search for Sarah Tanner in the forest will be completed, which will allow you to obtain a master key with which you can access the bunker.

    The bunker can be found in the Quarry, use the key to access through the third door, which will activate a cutscene and then have to face several enemies at the end, allowing you to complete the mission 'Legacy and earn the associated rewards from it.

    That's all you have to know about how to find Sarah Tanner in Outriders, we hope our guide has been as clear as possible, and you can access and complete this mission without problem quickly.

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