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Today we bring you a Lords Mobile guide in order to explain how to unlock limited challenges.

What are limited challenges in Lords Mobile?

These are simply a series of activities that we must execute before embarking on other activities, since it is necessary to work on them because the possibility of progressing in the game depends on them.
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How to unlock limited challenges in Lords Mobile?

It is necessary first of all to raise the level of our castle and place it at 5, this opens the possibility of completing the skirmish mission, this task of reaching this level is actually quite easy, because it is only necessary to click on the icon of the castle and then click on the update button, then we must locate the upgrade button, which presents us with some requirements and that's it.

On the other hand, it is necessary to choose to click on the castle wall and choose to press update in order to improve it, we will have some resources that are usually favorable to use them, it is only necessary to have some real time, this time in turn We accelerate it by using some free power-ups, it is also possible to have speed boosters and have the possibility of choosing some available options, to improve from level 1 to reaching level 5 and in this way unlock the limited challenges.

 Now that you know how to unlock limited challenges, it's time to take care of doing this quest in Lords Mobile and tell us how it goes.

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