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2021-04-04 19:14:13

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We welcome you to our Outriders guide, where we will talk about How to change classes.

What to know about the classes in Outriders?

 We find a total of 4 different classes, among which are Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer and Trickster, each of them has its own characteristics that come to influence our style of play, taking into account such details it is important to want to know how change class and for this we have the following text.

How to change class in Outriders?

 At the beginning of the game you have to create a character, when we have chosen its class there is no option to change until now, it is only possible to create a new character, with these there is the opportunity to skip the prologue and cinematics to get there At the core of the game, each of the classes allow us to experience different mechanics, this for combats, loot and progress, even through cooperative play it is possible that we enjoy this function that allows us to have another form of experience, considering that it reaches these game situations be different.
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    The creation of a new character requires that we go to the Lobby, look for the option to change the character and when pressing the corresponding button we will go to our characters, noting in turn the 6 available slots that we can use, this being the case in the demo , it is possible to personalize it according to our criteria and also assign it a name, if we get to pass the prologue it is possible to skip it to avoid repeating the same process that brings us to this point.

      We can conclude that knowing how to change class is appropriate, considering that it is not possible to do it and instead a new character will have to be created to choose another class as an option in Outriders.

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