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Guide to learn how to find Nurnies in Ooblets

 The new game released by the Epic Games Store is finally available on their platform, so you'll have to get the Epic Launcher to have the game, but the good thing is that the game still exists after losing its publisher, so that's it. . In addition, it is in Early Access, so Ooblets will continue to grow depending on the response of the public and developers.

With that said, let's focus on the game.

You will begin your adventure with an exploration of Badgetown, in which you will meet Arah and her printed Friendship Sticker Printpress, a machine that is essential to track the status of your relationship with the townspeople. I guess awkward texts at four in the morning are not a thing in the Ooblets universe.

To fix the Friendship Sticker Printypress, you must find 6 sporbets, 1 sweetiebeetie and 10 nurnies. Nurnies are "items that are essential to machine creation and maintenance" and resemble springs. To get the Nurnies, we have created this guide to help you How to find Nurnies.

How to find Nurnies in Ooblets?

This important element that you will need, you can get in a simple way by crushing a few rocks and just by crushing a few you will get these Nurnies in abundance, add them to your inventory. In case you want to eliminate them, you will have to press Q to enter cultivation mode and then cut those rocks.

It takes 6 energies to break a rock, and you will need to break at least three rocks to get 10 nurnies, so that will be 18 total energy. So stay energized for these activities.

Another way to get this item is to search Badgetown to find nurnies in various items. Look around you and you can find some here and there.

Other items on request can be found elsewhere, for example, sporbets are mushrooms you can find around Badgetown on grassy areas, and sweetiebeeties are beet-like vegetables you can grow in your garden. You will have to buy the seeds from Meed's Seeds Shop and grow them like you would other products.

 Having said that about How to find Nurnies in Ooblets you will be able to keep your inventory always equipped with this material that you will probably be asked for for other activities in the city. Stay cautious and good luck!

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