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Here's a more detailed breakdown How to Solve Dayton Hospital Puzzle in Once Human and complete this challenge

The provided information outlines a walkthrough for How to Solve Dayton Hospital Puzzle in Once Human, here we detail some steps that will give you everything you need to solve the puzzle.

How to Solve Dayton Hospital Puzzle in Once Human

Unraveling the Mystery: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Dayton Hospital Puzzle

  • Gaining Entry: Make your way through the Dayton Hospital gatehouse and proceed to the parking lot. Locate the hallway on your left leading directly into the hospital. Once inside, take the first door on the left to enter the main building.
  • Medicine Mishap: Find a vending machine and use it to uncover a hidden room brimming with medical supplies. Interact with Kayla and the medicines within this secret area. This might trigger a cutscene or a specific action that transports you to another dimension.
  • Navigating the Halls: Upon returning from the alternate world, exit the medicine room and head towards the Emergency Room (ER). Follow a wheelchair down the corridors until you reach a room furnished with a desk, beds, and a crucial element – a calendar.
  • Temporal Trickery: Here's where the puzzle comes into play. You'll find a calendar displaying a patient's discharge date alongside two doors (potentially labeled "Left" and "Right"). Interact with the calendar to take note of the current date.
  • The Key to the Dates: The crux of the puzzle lies in these two doors. Each door, when interacted with, manipulates the date on the calendar – one door advances the date by a month, while the other increments it by a single day.
  • Reaching the Target Date: Your objective is to reach a specific date – September 15th.
  • Strategic Door Interaction: Starting from the displayed date (let's assume it's January 23rd), interact with the right door eight times. This will effectively fast-forward the calendar by eight months, placing you in September.
  • The Phone Call to Freedom: Once the calendar reflects September 15th, interact with the phone (assuming it becomes usable at this point). This action should trigger the unlocking of the exit door.
  • Securing the Passage: Locate the wheelchair and interact with it. This will be your ticket back to your original world, signifying your successful completion of the Dayton Hospital puzzle.

Bonus Tips for Puzzle Masters

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Keep an eye out for in-game clues or dialogues that might shed light on which door controls months and which controls days. This can significantly reduce the time spent on trial and error.
Remember, if you overshoot September 15th by interacting with the wrong door too many times, you might be forced to restart from the beginning (January 23rd).

By following this comprehensive guide How to Solve Dayton Hospital Puzzle in Once Human, you should be well-equipped to conquer the puzzle and continue your adventure in Once Human.

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