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Today we bring you a guide with the purpose of guiding you on Where to Find Carnival of Doom in Once Human precisely.

The rumors whispered throughout the wasteland speak of a place called the Carnival of Doom. It's a twisted echo of a bygone era, a mockery of merriment where danger lurks behind every painted smile. Venturing into this realm is no easy feat, and Where to Find Carnival of Doom in Once Human - or at least alive.

Where to Find Carnival of Doom in Once Human

A Gauntlet in the Junkyard

  • Location: The first hurdle to overcome isn't the deranged host himself, but the path leading to his twisted domain. You'll need to navigate the treacherous Junkyard, located west of Meyer's Market. This desolate area is teeming with hostile creatures – their difficulty scales around level 19, so ensure you've honed your combat skills and secured decent equipment before venturing in.  Look out for the imposing Rift Anchor – a pulsating gateway that marks the entrance to Chuckles' warped funhouse.
  • Guardian Outpost:  Reaching the Rift Anchor won't be a leisurely stroll. A contingent of Rosetta soldiers acts as its protectors, ever vigilant against those foolish enough to approach.  Be prepared for a fight – these soldiers are well-trained and won't hesitate to eliminate intruders. Eliminate them strategically to clear a path and claim your prize on the platform – a strange revolver unlike any you've encountered before.
  • Taking Control:  This revolver isn't just a weapon; it's a one-way ticket to a nightmare. Interact with it, and brace yourself for a forceful transfer of control. The world will warp and twist, transporting you into the nightmarish dimension that Chuckles calls his home.

Outsmarting the Twisted Ringmaster

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  • Chuckles' Game: Now comes the true test: a psychological battle against the sadistic host himself, Chuckles the Clown. This deranged entity thrives on manipulating his victims, so steel your nerves and prepare to think on your feet.
  • Resist the Taunts: Chuckles will unleash a barrage of unsettling theatrics during the rigged game of Russian roulette. Ignore his taunts and maddening pronouncements. Focus on the warped environment around you – the key to survival lies within.
  • Follow the Black Thread:  Scan the unsettling surroundings for a black wire that cuts through the grotesque scene. This seemingly out-of-place element is your lifeline. Trace the wire's path until you locate another clown, cleverly hidden away in a control room behind the scenes.
  • A Calculated Deception:  Engage in conversation with Chuckles. As if following his script, feign a desire for fresh air and mention needing the big red door open. This is a deliberate ploy to manipulate him.
  • Taking Down the Puppeteer:  While Chuckles is distracted by your supposed need for air, take decisive action. Enter the control room you discovered by following the black wire and eliminate the hidden clown.  Interact with the control panel within the room to seize control of the situation.
  • Face the Real Challenge:  Return to Chuckles, seemingly ready to play by his rigged rules. Now that you've outsmarted him and gained the upper hand, you're in a much better position to win the deadly game of Russian roulette.

Claiming Your Spoils

By following these steps, you've effectively turned the tables on Chuckles. Winning the Russian roulette after outsmarting the deranged host will secure your reward from this twisted dimension. The specific reward remains shrouded in mystery, but it's bound to be a valuable prize that compensates for the harrowing experience.

We can conclude that knowing Where to Find Carnival of Doom in Once Human is of great support to progress and have fun in such a fast-paced game.

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