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2024-04-12 10:14:21

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Today, we bring a guide with the aim of explaining to you Where to find and defeat Rabizex in Once Human.

Rabizex, a hulking monstrosity twists the concept of mercenary into something truly horrifying, you with the knowledge to not only find this twisted creature, but also emerge victorious from its lair with the following instructions in Where to find and defeat Rabizex in Once Human.

Where to find and defeat Rabizex in Once Human

Tracking the Beast

Rabizex lairs north of Chalk Peak, a fitting location for a creature who thrives on violence.  Look for a lone house nestled amidst the treacherous mountain terrain.  Don't be fooled by its unassuming appearance; a hidden passage within leads to the monstrous heart of the boss arena.

Preparing for the Fray

Rabizex is a formidable opponent, so ensure you're adequately prepared before venturing into his domain.  Ideally, you should be between level 35 and 40 to stand a fighting chance.  Since Rabizex is a master of close quarters combat,  long-range weaponry is key.  Pack your most powerful sniper rifle or assault rifle to pepper him with lead from a safe distance.

Exploiting Weaknesses

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Rabizex's true vulnerability lies not in brute force, but in targeting specific weak points.  The fight unfolds in two distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: Unveiling the Truth:  Initially, Rabizex appears heavily armored, with no apparent weak spots.  However, this shell hides a secret. Focus your fire on his head – relentless assault will eventually tear through the facade, revealing Rabizex's true form. This grotesque visage boasts a critical weak point: its actual head.  Unload a torrent of bullets here to inflict maximum damage.
  • Phase 2: Shoulder the Burden:  Once the true head is exposed, focus your fire on it again.  This will trigger the emergence of weak points on Rabizex's shoulders.  These glowing targets offer a prime opportunity to stack serious damage.  Don't neglect his body and head entirely though, as they remain susceptible to your firepower, albeit less effectively than the weak points.

A Dance with Death

Rabizex isn't a passive target; he has a devastating attack in his arsenal:

  • Ballistic Blitz: Rabizex will transform into a nightmarish ball, launching himself into the air before crashing down with bone-shattering force. This attack can easily overpower you if you're caught unprepared. The key to avoiding this devastating blow is to stay mobile. As Rabizex transforms, immediately shift your position, making yourself a harder target.

Victory Through Relentless Assault

The key to defeating Rabizex lies in consistent and focused aggression.  Don't let up on the offensive; a constant barrage of fire will keep him pinned down and whittle away his health much faster.  By combining targeted attacks on his weak points with evasive maneuvers to dodge his ballistic blitz, you'll send Rabizex back to the depths from whence he came.

Knowledge is power, but so is practice, and this guide on Where to find and defeat Rabizex in Once Human has left all the necessary steps to defeat.

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